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Food grade silicone ice sphere mold, perfect for whiskey cocktail soft drinks. Fun touch to party holiday

Publish Date: 2017-09-26 Click: 219
Food grade silicone ice sphere mold, perfect for whiskey cocktail soft drinks. Fun touch to party holiday

USSE individual silicone ice sphere molds make large ice balls. Just right for making your favorite "whiskey balls" to impress friends. Your party or romantic evening will be the best. Made from FDA Approved durable silicone that will hold up well and serve wonderfully for years of frequent use. These 4 molds are BPA Free. Black bottoms with transparent top for attractive stylish look and easy use.

Keeps your favorite drinks cool longer than regular ice cubes. The ice sphere mold is very easy to use. Simply fill with water up to the water marks included on the molds. Then put in the freezer until water turns to ice. The molds are easy to open with innovative shapes. Simply pop out the perfectly formed ice balls. Every kitchen or wet bar needs for ultimate enjoyment. You will find yourself using these silicone ice ball molds over and over again. The ice balls look so cool in a glass, pitcher, or punch bowl and they melt much slower than standard ice cubes.

silicone ice sphere mold silicone ice sphere mold

AN easy to open ice ball mold design that is revolutionizing the way people make ice balls. This design is way out in front of all others. Our ice ball maker has a unique design. Generous silicone ice ball molds are everything you need to impress friends and family with big 2.5-inch ice balls. They melt much slower than ice cubes for keeping your drinks cool longer.

FDA Approved and BPA FREE make this very fine ice sphere mold 100% safe for your use. The silicon construction will not flavor the water or ice. These molds are very durable and will last for many uses. And because you can use them over and over, they are good for the environment. Simply rinse under running water or put in dishwasher. This makes it easy to use the molds over and over to keep you and your family constantly in ice cold silicone ice sphere molds. Drinks never tasted so good or were so cooly refreshing.

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