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Ice tray ice mold, sending away the hot summer heat, and bringing cool autumn.

Publish Date: 2017-10-12 Click: 193
Ice tray ice mold, sending away the hot summer heat, and bringing cool autumn.

As a cool summer cooling products, ice tray ice mold has entered the tens of thousands of households, for the vast number of consumers love, especially young people, but also as a summer essential items. Although ice mold seems to be a lot of people, but in the end how to correctly use these molds, so that it can play a more scientific role? General household use ice tray ice mold, it is one of several purposes, which is a production of cold drinks; used to make ice for drinking iced iced fruit; the ice making; used to make ice cubes for cold wound etc.. Most of the use is still used for food, so in the choice of ice mold, we must pay attention to choose safe non-toxic materials made of mold, so as to ensure safety and hygiene.

Ice tray ice mold brings unusual cool for summer. Ice pattern is generally high inside the outer ring, the interval slightly lower, in a liquid food, be careful not to add too full, otherwise when frozen after forming, the ice will be together, to take effect, but also affect the appearance. On closer inspection, we will find that the bottom of most ice models is not flat, or with a radian, and the middle is slightly higher than the four sides, so that it can be used conveniently. When the ice is taken, just pat the ice on the bottom of the silica gel ice mould to remove the ice from the bottom so that it can be conveniently removed from the mold. Another method is to make the silica gel ice out of the mold at the sides of the ice lattice, which is slightly ninety percent off.

ice tray ice mold ice tray ice mold

Summer is fading away, and autumn is here. The refrigerator in the house basically has ice bars for ice and ice cold. In fact, many people don't know that ice bars can be used in addition to ice cubes. In addition to making ice cubes, do you know any other uses? The Hanchuan silica gel factory today brings other simple uses of ice lattice ice patterns for small partners.

In fact, the ice tray ice molds for each ice cubes are very useful. The first will each have a pomegranate seeds, then add pure water ice. Is super simple, but to do so out of pomegranate ice not only nice burst, with sweet and sour pomegranate; black coffee can also be frozen just fine, but the point is to add to the ice milk inside, Iced Coffee so out of the drink to burst. Frozen chocolate is a lot of chowhound pursued, but it is not simple to melt frozen dark chocolate can, add peanut butter and honey, this is the most delicious chocolate frozen.

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