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USSE large silicone ice cube trays for whiskey easy release for Soap Making

Publish Date: 2017-11-22 Click: 242
USSE large silicone ice cube trays for whiskey easy release for Soap Making

Sick of those small ice cubes that melt fast and make your drink taste watery after few minutes? Don't worry any more, because the USSE silicone ice cube tray is here, to cool you down. This bourbon ice cube tray 2 pack molds a total of 16 ice cubes that each measure 1.75 inches. Each big block cools and saves your favorite liquor without diluting its flavor. The silicone ice cube tray can also be used to store baby food, coffee cubes, leftover wine, fresh herbs, and chicken or vegetable stock inside your freezers for future use.

USSE these silicone ice cube trays can even help you treat your girls and boys to a mini sugar holiday, with yummy ideas like chocolate bars, peanut butter cups, iced jelly, and popsicle sticks. All of those goodies will be molded in their colorful silicone container trays, and covered with plastic lids to protect them from cross-contamination. And the silicone ice cube tray is so flexible, it can serve your frozen solids or liquids in a single push or pop.

silicone ice cube tray silicone ice cube tray

These large cocktail ice cube trays include 2 premium silicone ice tray pieces with 8 large ice cubes per tray. Each cube measures 1.75” square, and is sized perfectly for whiskey, bourbon, tequila or other liquor cocktails to melt slower, which keeps alcohol drinks from becoming watered down too quickly. These bartender quality cubes are much better than small or medium ones for your keeping your nightcap or after-work beverage fresh and flavorful

Push up from bottom of tray for easy removal. With proper cleaning, this multi purpose and heavy duty bourbon silicone ice cube tray set will stay odor and flavor free. Try them with buttermilk, coconut milk, yogurt, baby foods, and homemade chicken or vegetable stock. Also great to portion out cookie dough, iced coffee, chocolate bars, peanut butter cups, or popsicles for a small kids treat. Rectangular shaped silicone ice cube trays comes with hard plastic lids to stack easily, which help to prevent cube liquids from evaporating. The durable lid cover also stops contamination of your ice, so no other smells or flavors from other items in your freezer will affect the clean water taste of your cubes. Safe and durable for everyday use. 

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