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To use this heat resistangt food grade silicone glove for indoor and outdoor cooking.

Publish Date: 2017-11-25 Click: 320
To use this heat resistangt food grade silicone glove for indoor and outdoor cooking.

It is a 100% FDA grade, BPA Free silicone glove. You can use gloves to bake, grill, cook, change light bulbs or stoke the fire without the risk of dirty oven mitts. The gloves fit most hand sizes. Size: 10.5×5.8×0.4 inches.

You can use this tool to catch chunks of meat and roast turned back and forth to avoid hurting hands. It’s great for shredding meat (beef, pork, chicken, turkey) or mixing and tossing salads and melons quickly. It is fun to use and easy to washed by hand.

It has a unique fast reading system that can achieve an accurate temperature reading. With foldable probe design, it easily folds away and locks into base for portability and storage. This silicone glove is a perfect complement to any grilling and kitchenware. We are fully confident that you will have a wonderful experience after you have a BBQ or cooking by using them. USSE silicone gloves protect your hands against grilling, baking when you are cooking or having a BBQ. The gloves can withstand high temperature up to 230 Degrees.Non-slip surface, water proof, stain resistant.

silicone glove silicone glove

This silicone glove easy to grasp and shred pork, chicken, beef turkey and more. You can pick up hot food with comfortable handles and never worry about the tips melting or bending. They could be easily cleaned by hand after using. The silicone glove is approved by FDA and BPA free food grade. The mat and meat shredder is non-stick with dishwasher. When you are using any kind of this items, it will protect you from burning of high temperature and make you feel safety. These items are perfect for cooking, grilling, camping.

It made of food grade liquid silicone, which is heat-resistant, non-toxic, and non-sticky, complies with the FDA and LFGB. Odorless, nontoxic, dustproof, durable, impermeable, waterproof, easy-cleaning. Soft, anti-distortion: strong and high level of flexibility, no matter how to pull, tear or wrench, the silicone glove can immediately recover to original, protecting your hands in a better way. High-grade humanized hanging hole, bright colors, hanging in the chicken is also a scenery line. Storage is easier and more convenient.

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