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Silicone sponge multipurpose scrubber for kitchen, brush pot pan dish bowl, wash fruit and vegetable

Publish Date: 2017-12-27 Click: 208
Silicone sponge multipurpose scrubber for kitchen, brush pot pan dish bowl, wash fruit and vegetable

These versatile silicone sponges are not only great for cleaning around the kitchen, but also excel at picking up hot objects (-60℃ to 230℃ / -76℉ to 500℉) from the oven and microwave! Mold and mildew free, fights bacteria growth. Easy drying by hanging from loop. Ultra high strength and durable silicone, nonstick and tasteless. Won't slip out of your hand. Quick dry, bacteria eliminating, hang when not in use. Use it to clean fruit, vegetables, surfaces, pot, and pans. Can also be used as a effective coaster, oven mitt, heat insulation pad, and as a sponge on your skin in the shower.

Cleaning dishes can be fun! These soft, squishy sponges will make kitchen cleanup a breeze. And with the included bonus bottle brush, you can clean those hard-to-clean dishes and glassware easier than ever. Get your wine glasses cleaner than they have ever been. Get deep into your coffee maker and make it sparkle again. 

silicone sponge silicone sponge

As the food grade silicone will not collect dirt, dust, or food particles, you don’t have to worry about scratching your finest dishware. The circular scrubbers have bristles on both sides, and the flower shaped scrubbers have bristles on one side, and a flat back for better grip. For extra-tough jobs, use the back side of the flower scrubber which has heavy-duty bristles.

Use each kitchen scrubber at your leisure. Because the scrubbers are all individually wrapped, you can use them one at a time, and keep the rest safely in the packaging until you are ready to use another one. Just run under water and watch these handy helpers become squeaky clean again. You will never want to use a traditional sponge again when you see how fun and clean-feeling these silicone sponges are. Feel good about cleaning your glasses with a bottle brush that will not harbor bacteria. Perfect for cleaning baby bottles

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