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How to prolong the life of the silicone mold?

Publish Date: 2017-12-28 Click: 293
How to prolong the life of the silicone mold?

Silicone mold is a special mold for making handicrafts. The raw materials of the adhesive can be divided into ordinary silica gel and meteorological silica gel according to their properties. The characteristics of silica gel are high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, strong tear resistance and high precision. It is a mold for making various handicrafts. The choice of the form of mold and die line selection is very important, one is for the convenience of modulus, two is the line should be in does not affect the overall effect of the product is three, does not affect the product quality, the four is to reduce the operation process, such as half open mode.

What is the normal service life of the mould for molding silicon rubber? The general E class is 4-6 million modules, and the O-RING is 8-10 million modules. How to prolong the life of the silicone rubber mold? First of all, the silicone mold must be put into production when it is finished 24 hours. Silicone rubber molds should have at least 10 minutes intervals after the single product is released, and the mold is best sprayed with some release agents before the use. Silicone rubber moulds should be placed smoothly in the process of using, and the inclination should not exceed 20 degrees. In the mold glue stripping process should be as gentle as possible, and avoid unevenly ripping and pulling. Not being on the silica gel mould should be kept and cannot die out and shelves. It is also the most important thing to choose suitable mold silica gel according to the quality, shape and size of the product. It is better to be special for the special adhesive.

  silicone moldsilicone mold

Is there a little number of moulds in the silicone mold? In the process of making mould, too much silicon oil is added, and silicon oil destroys the molecular weight of silica gel, so the die will appear the phenomenon of the number of moulds less durable and so on. If we want to make small products with more complicated patterns, it will appear a few times of die turning with hard silicone gel, because the excellent time of silicone gel will be brittle and easy to break. On the other hand, if you make a product with a small hardness of silica gel to make a mold, the result will be less desirable. Because the silica gel is too soft, its tensile and tear strength will be reduced, the die will be deformed, so the number of moulds will be reduced. Mold glue itself is good quality, silica gel is not good or bad, only suitable and unsuitable. We have to use the silicon glue that is suitable for the hardness of the product to make the mold.

According to the different products, adding different amounts of silicon oil or not adding silicone oil, because the silicone oil will destroy the molecular weight of silica gel, resulting in a reduction of the number of die. To do a good job of grasping the amount of silicone oil added (preferably not more than 5%), silicone oil will cause excess will reduce the number of mold silicone products, poor tensile strength, tear strength decreased, not salt resistance, not aging quality decline; mould rubber and curing agent to prevent mixing, curing is not uniform, resulting in products the decline in the quality; to add the release agent in the mold before silicone mold, when release agent should also pay attention to evenly. It is necessary to polish or polish the replicated products or models to prevent the surface of the silicone rubber products from being smooth and unpleasing.

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