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What is the cause of the deformation of silicone products in production?

Publish Date: 2018-01-05 Click: 239
What is the cause of the deformation of silicone products in production?

Now, more and more silicone products have been gradually integrated into our lives. There are more and more daily articles containing silica gel, such as toys, gifts, stationery, dentures and so on. Even baby nipples on baby bottles are silica gel products. So, people do not understand the nature of the silicone silicone products will start jittery, will not affect human health? Does silicone have poison in the end?

Everyone knows the softness and resilience of silica gel, so why can't the common silicone rubber in our lives be deformed? In industry, we are familiar with the O type ring. In our life, our common silicone pads are not easy to be deformed during the use process, and can also be used continuously under the outdoor high temperature condition. The deformation of the O ring is related to the impact of a mechanical device.

silicone product silicone product

In the production inspection of silicone products manufacturers, the performance testing of semi-finished products is particularly important. How is the deformation of silica gel products? Silicone products belong to silicone rubber material in the synthetic rubber, which belongs to a relatively strong viscoelastic solid silica gel, silica gel does not mean that the permanent deformation will not be, if in the long term there will be no springback and bracing deformation.

Affect the deformation of silicone products mainly have the following situations: long-term immobility leads to permanent deformation, long time used in high pressure, high pressure in the case for hard material products easy deformation; influence of tensile rate, hard soft products to decide, pull the winning general silicone rubber the maximum can reach 300% to 600% (soft material), but in the use of the process will directly lead to excessive tensile deformation and tensile strength without permanent deformation.