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What are the forming processes and operation details of the Hanchuan silicone ice tray?

Publish Date: 2018-01-05 Click: 255
What are the forming processes and operation details of the Hanchuan silicone ice tray?

With silica gel industry, silica gel molding technology is becoming more and more mature, and Shenzhen and Dongguan silicone products factory have more forming process. Common are extrusion technology, liquid injection technology, molding and high temperature molding technology. Different processes can make different effects to meet customers' needs for products. Hanchuan silicone products factory production of silicone ice tray, the use of a relatively common high temperature molding process in China, the following to see the specific details of the operation.

The vulcanization temperature, the time too short will cause the product to be unripe, too long can cause the product easy to be brittle or is the deformation. Material placement, placing not in place will cause lack of material, too much can lead to thick edge, to control size, weight. It is suggested that a small amount of demoulding water is used for mold maintenance and sticky edges, but too much can not be used. In fact, there are a lot of details about the operation of high temperature molding process, which we will discuss separately.

silicone ice traysilicone ice tray

Hanchuan silicone products factory can guarantee that the silicone products we produce are completely nontoxic and tasteless. There are two reasons for the taste of the silicone products that customers have customised in other manufacturers. One is that factories use low quality raw materials in production. This material is not real silica gel, most of which are made from recycled waste. The products produced by this kind of waste will have a strong pungent smell and hold hands very well.

Secondly, the irregular plant has no subsequent treatment after vulcanization. Because the silicone rubber in the process of vulcanization will produce some low molecular components, only after two times vulcanization treatment, can do the real smell. Hanchuan silica gel is used as the raw material of silica gel, providing raw material safety certificates for customers at home and abroad. The factory also has industrial ovens, including silicone ice tray products, including silicone rubber, etc., which need to be vulcanized only after two times to ensure that the quality can pass the quality test.