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Why food grade silicone placemats are popular in European and American countries?

Publish Date: 2018-01-09 Click: 271
Why food grade silicone placemats are popular in European and American countries?

In Europe and other developed countries, food grade silicone placemats everywhere. And they are widely used in hotels, cafes, restaurants and other public places. Now also launched the silica gel plate, so the European and American countries why so keen on silicone mat, let hanchuan silica factory take you have a look.

How about the safety of the food grade silicone placemats? Silicone products want to be sold on the shelf, and need to be tested by food level to prove that it is harmless to the human body in the process of use. Silicone products have been widely used in the fields of infants and medicine. And if you want to sell it at home, you must pass the GB food safety certification. European and American countries also have to pass FDA, LFGD, SGS and so on. In addition, we can also provide the EU EU certification for the customers.

silicone placemats silicone placemats

Fine appearance and excellent features, the silicone mat can be made by silk printing. Silica gel has excellent characteristics such as high temperature and low temperature, anti wear, stable chemical properties and soft texture, all of which are impossible to be achieved by other materials. The ever-changing silicone pads can be applied to various occasions and are very popular in European and American countries.

Since the food grade silicone placemats so popular in European and American countries, the partners are not quick to find a silica gel factory as new year is about to come. Hanchuan silica technology designed specifically for the development of food grade silicone mat customers. The factory has a strong development ability, and there is a ready made mold to help customers design patterns. The silicone placemats has a number of silica production line, 300 square meters of printing platform, more than three years of age more than 70% employees, ensure the quality guarantee of delivery.