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What are the methods for identifying true and false silica products?

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What are the methods for identifying true and false silica products?

No matter how to hide all silicone products cover thick odor compounds, and mentioned chemicals, mostly with environmental hazards involved, and whether it is plastic or rubber cover, and silicon rubber products is not the same. Generally speaking, most of the friends of the colloid product still have certain preventive psychology, after all, it is closely related to the safety of our life. In the end, in the end, what are the practical methods for identifying the true and false material of silicone products?

The silicone products in the industry, there are a lot of daily necessities, medical devices and electronic accessories products are silicone material form, and silica gel and other kinds of glue is combination of different components, it is mainly composed of silica, silicone resin, silicone oil and mixing sulfur agent and color glue added substance does not contain harmful compounds. There are still some fake substances in silica gel, for example, some silica gel factories in order to save costs, use cheap raw materials, raw material suppliers to increase efficiency and add catalysts, etc., the real way to distinguish true and false is as follows.

silicone productssilicone products

The first is color: silicone rubber products can be deployed in various colors can be prepared according to the international Pantone color, so color from above do not see what is the difference between appearance and also with no flaws, but mainly is the rebound will stretch to see white or light phenomenon, if there is the material may belong to ordinary material.

second hand feel very important, silicone products both tensile deformation and toughness, resilience, strength are very important, if you reach the performance of several above is basic quality, general function for the high-end products and brand products (such as: mobile phone brand's official website silicone protective cover) is used more widely and so on.

what is the most effective fire: this kind of method, the general quality of the silicone products material after combustion and other different rubber material, white smoke will emerge, the surface of the product after burning will appear white mist phenomenon, completely destroyed after the last white powder, completely colorless and tasteless, and different materials will appear yellow to the black residue.

In a word, when you can't identify whether silicone products are genuine, try the ways from the above.

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