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Amazing! How can ice cube tray play like this?

Publish Date: 2018-03-07 Click: 215
Amazing! How can ice cube tray play like this?

Who said that the use of ice cube tray is less, can only add water to frozen ice? It will always confuse me! As long as a little bit of play, this almost every household kitchen small props can also become more creative and interesting life of the "God." Hanchuan silica gel factory will share the magical ice cube tray several good today, interested buddies quickly have a look. Before making ice, we need to do some preparation. Ice lattice variable universal food storage, super practical! Why didn't you think about it before? 

At least two ice sheets should be started at least, one is salty, the other is sweet, and it is not easy to confuse the flavor of the string. The original ice grain in the family may not be fresh if it used to be ice water before. It is still recommended to buy a new one. There are many kinds of ice sheets, and they are not expensive. When you want to store some of the remaining ingredients, scoop into the ice lattice with a spoon, 2 spoons per grid. Get the ice out of the ice and then use a zipper bag. If the whole ice is the same kind of food, not afraid of the taste, we can ignore this step.

ice cube trayice cube tray

In addition to frozen ice, what can ice be able to ice? I can only say that the result depends on what you like to eat. All kinds of sauce, such as pasta with pesto sauce, red sauce, a store, do not need to do it again! Of course as soon as possible, otherwise spoilage waste; work or lazy as me, evening or weekend, do not go out to eat, is to do simple cooking to eat, in addition to simplify the steps, prepare in advance is always correct, the following can be prepared in advance.

Cooking often needs to use chicken soup, even if not, the next noodles, of course, also have chicken soup taste better. In addition to glass cans and sealed boxes, ice storage is also good. Every time cookies are made, there may be two or three dough left, and how to squeeze them into the baking tray, but they are too lazy to bake another round. Of course, you can ice it up, hoard and roast a plate.

Throw the iced coffee into the coffee, and the coffee will not drink more like the water of the coffee. Every time a dessert is done, there will always be a small bottle of milk. If you don't drink it, go straight into the ice and ice it! Just take it out the next time you need it and think about it. In addition to the many ice cubes mentioned above, in fact, most of the fruits, the ice in the refrigerator is very delicious! Ice cube tray and other things you have to dig, imagine infinity.

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