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WHY choose silicone kids plate and placemat from Hanchuan silicone factory.

Publish Date: 2018-03-07 Click: 220
WHY choose silicone kids plate and placemat from Hanchuan silicone factory.

Ever had a headache when feeding toddlers when they are notoriously choosy about their foods and reticent to try new things? Ever left the mess all over baby chair/table? Ever tired of cleaning a lot of bowls and plates? Here are magic ways for you! USSE silicone kids plate and placemat, just right here for you and your baby.

Some key features of kids plate and placemat. Innovative design offers unparalleled practicality and ease of use. Ergonomically designed to make feeding your toddler or baby.  This cute plate is destined to be loved by anyone who will ever use it. You can finally take the stress out of mealtime. The 3 perfectly sized depth cavities create a lovely shape. Mums can use your imagination and creativity to create more colorful and nutritiona. Food combination. Make mealtimes really enjoyable.

silicone kids plate silicone kids plate

Made of high-end, FDA approved, exceptionally well-manufactured silicone that's durable, safe and easy to clean.

Easily take it everywhere you go, thanks to its portable size. You can even carry more than one across the kitchen filled with food, as the easily stack on top of each other. Bring your little ones to the table and enjoy mess-free dining with these beautifully coloured placemats. The mats are compact and light so take them with you for dinners at a friend's house.

Entertain your babies, toddlers or children with the newly design on each mat, which is divided into three conveniently sized compartments and a big mat. FDA standard 100% food grade silicone. The placemats for kids can be put into freezer, microwave and dishwasher without any worries. Our silicone kids plate placemat are highly durable and they are rated to withstand direct contacts with temperatures in excess of +450 and -40 Degrees Fahrenheit.

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