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WHAT are the benefits silicone ice cube trays bring to you?

Publish Date: 2018-03-09 Click: 220
WHAT are the benefits silicone ice cube trays bring to you?

That there's a story in every family's refrigerator, If you want to thoroughly peel the freezer of poultry meat, frozen ice cream popsicles through the exploration into the depths of reel right and left, to find a few "thousand ice", living in peace and that either round or square or shaped plastic dimension. Silicone ice cube tray head bought in those years, really!

Yes, it's a glacial. It's the ice cube tray that you bought and used only once. What is the power that hinders people to use it? The agents talk about them and express their views: "can't buy plastic, don't cut it down, do you want to worry?" "But the silica gel is not able to take off immediately, and it will have to wait for a while, and the cheap silicone has a taste." "But you don't usually buy a very expensive one, it's a frozen ice block. What I hate most is that every water injection is sprinkled everywhere, and it is troublesome to wash up. " "Bought a lot of the shape of the ice, frozen out can not look at all, ugliness to heartache, used once do not want to use."

silicone ice cube tray silicone ice cube tray

People often feel the hot weather, and want to use some tools to calm down? Silicone ice cube tray use is love, it is a kind of used to make jelly ice and silica gel products, silica gel products of high and low temperature resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, but renewable resources can be reused; because it is made of food grade raw material, so it is very safe. We often see the safety and safety of silica gel and silica gel grid, but many people don't know the advantages, characteristics and notices of silica gel.

What's the advantage of silica gel?

1. It is characteristic of environmental protection and high temperature resistance. It also has the advantages of insulation, easy cleaning, no deformation, non stick mold, long life.

2, non-toxic, easy to clean, through food safety certification, it can be used at 40 to +250 degrees. It can be used in microwave oven, fridge, oven and so on. It is easier to bring ice out, because it is more soft.

3, the shape can be designed and manufactured in accordance with the subjective consciousness of the individual. And can do more cartoons, you can make it animal shape, the shape of the letter, the shape of the car and so on. You manipulate it as long as you are creative and make all kinds of ice.

4, exquisite and varied kinds of silicone ice cube tray sheet, not only using 100% natural silica gel material, but also feel healthy, let your body and mind be relieved, so that you no longer worry about unhealthy food problems.

5, raw materials are generally used as raw materials for food grade silica gel, and the export of the regular manufacturers is in conformity with FDA and other products. If you buy it, if you have a taste, you can remove the taste by boiling it in hot water for a few minutes.

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