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What is the function of silicone baby erazing placemat for kids?

Publish Date: 2018-03-12 Click: 227
What is the function of silicone baby erazing placemat for kids?

Friends have a lot of party. Listen to friends complain, as the children grow up slowly, more lively and naughty, not much love to eat. A family's headache is to feed the baby, not hungry, but also to ensure nutrition. The child is naughty and does not like to eat, and it may be that attention is not focused on the table. USSE silicone baby erazing placemat, it is not only the mat, but can fill, graffiti canvas. Eating, can let the child focus on the table, obediently eat; after dinner, can also make children have fun things to do. Not only can the children eat well, but also cultivate art cells, but also improve the feelings of parents and children.

Hanchuan silica gel factory, each of the silicone baby erazing placemats are printed with different cartoons and a set of 4 color Mark pens that can be wiped to keep the children from doing nothing. You can let the kids in the creation, mat above coloring casually graffiti, painting their love pattern, love can not obliterate re painting. If the brush can't satisfy the creativity, it can also get the favorite fruit gourmet. Mark's paint doesn't need to worry, the environmental protection is non-toxic, and it doesn't matter when it comes to the color. Graffiti can easily wipe grease can be used repeatedly and repeated cleaning, graffiti, totally not afraid of pressure, always attached to the desktop.

silicone baby erazing placemat silicone baby erazing placemat

USSE children's meal mat is 100% food grade silica gel, it is safe and non-toxic, smooth and free of pores, aseptic and no creases. It is not only in the home can be placed on the table, can also take out for a picnic, outdoor barbecue, arbitrary folding, heart can move, where to eat and paint, children are very happy. Can graffiti silicon glue children's meal mat, make the children eat and draw two without mistake. This picture pad can help babies not to be so excited when they are having meals, and they can calm down, so that parents can feed their meals easily. Painting and graffiti is a way.

My advice to my friends is to buy several different children's pads. When eating, take out the mat with a pen, let the children casually drawing painting, collocation of various colors, or let your baby play too arbitrary, simple and practical, cost and time saving to buy all the coloring of the parents. In fact, silicone baby erazing placemat is a good way to let the baby eat slowly to form a good habit of independent, if the baby can separate dining, let him eat in the mat, let him feel that this area is special to eat, in the course of time, children will not be around to place out of rice my parents do the housework, reduce the labor and time.

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