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Amazing! How could ice cube tray be used like this?

Publish Date: 2018-03-22 Click: 337
Amazing! How could ice cube tray be used like this?

Hot weather, and no appetite? So... it's really nice to use ice cube tray to create cool, delicious, high-value products. That's right, the main tool used is the ice cube that was thrown into the unknown corner of the summer to occasionally eat frozen ice cubes! Say to you, do not think that ice cube tray really can only freeze ice, frozen ice has been out. Fruit Chocolate: Strawberries or any fruit you like to eat Cut into ice trays, then add melted chocolate and freeze! The last ice is a variety of fruit chocolate.


Fruit yogurt ice, ready for yogurt, various juices and fruits. Add yoghurt first, and then divide it into different juices and flesh, and finally freeze on these beautiful and delicious fruit yogurt ice! Iced coffee: Pour the brewed coffee into an ice tray and freeze the ice cubes for later use. After that, you can quickly cool in the freshly brewed coffee, or make the iced coffee more fragrant and delicious. Dried flower ice cubes: The edible dried flowers are placed in ice cubes and frozen in water to make dried flowers and ice cubes. They are beautiful and delicious. Pomegranate ice: Cut the pomegranate seeds into a small mouth, add water and pour ice cubes into the ice. Juice ice cubes: Prepare all kinds of juices and drinks that you like, and put ice cubes into ice cubes.


ice cube tray ice cube tray

Chocolate milk: Place the melted chocolate in the ice cubes, add it directly to the milk, and you can instantly turn into chocolate milk. Ice Cream Milk: Use all kinds of ice cream that you like to eat and freeze it into ice cubes, then add milk in the milk to taste ice cream. Bright ice cubes: made with food pigment powder made of ice, add to the variety of drinks simply beautiful to cry. Fruit ice: Prepare a variety of chopped fruit meats and fruit juices. Add together ice cubes and ice cubes to add to the drinks. Coconut milk smoothie: Directly pour coconut water or coconut milk into the ice cube to freeze. It can be used to beat sand ice, with soda water or direct food, healthy and fresh and delicious.


As the saying goes, there are three treasures in summer: refrigerators, air conditioners and cold drinks. Go out home with a hot air, the first thing to open the refrigerator, a cup of iced drinks, after drinking it seems to have the illusion of the world! Refrigerated mineral water is a must-have for the rough guys, who live fine, and a glass of boiled water can also play tricks. To drink, you need to embellish the ice with high-value, strong taste, and use the principle of diligence and economy to make full use of the refrigerator to eliminate the powerful weapon of the summer heat. In the summer of hot dogs, delicious and high-value ice cube trays are poured into a bubble drink. In the days of high temperature, you can freeze them together and enjoy the coolness.

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