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What material of insulation pad will be better?

Publish Date: 2018-03-30 Click: 284
What material of insulation pad will be better?

The dining table is like a canvas. It is necessary to draw various patterns on it and rely on it. Sun food is a representation, different insulation mat, there will be a different style. Among the many insulation pad materials, cotton mats are the most common ones, and they also appear earlier. Due to the material, the cotton placemats are soft, have a variety of patterns, and are delicate and easy to clean. Because cotton materials do not provide effective thermal insulation, thickness is a key factor for effective thermal insulation. In general, cotton placemats are worth buying because of their variety of patterns and generally inexpensive prices.


Bamboo insulation mat This insulation mat is made of bamboo. Because of its material structure, the bamboo placemat has a very small thermal conductivity, so its heat insulation is very good, and the heat insulation time is also very good, but the style of the bamboo placemat is mostly single, and the bamboo placemat Compared to cotton mats, they are not folded so they do not have good cotton effect when stored. We all know that the insulation effects of different place mats are actually very different. The thermal insulation effect of paper placemats is generally more suitable for dessert shops or cafes.


insulation pad insulation pad

What about pvc insulation mats? First of all, let's talk about people's misunderstandings about pvc placemats. Some people think that pvc is plastic, so it will produce odor when heated, so this place mat is poisonous and cannot be used. In fact, pvc placemats are made of heat-resistant material and are not affected by high temperatures. Odor, but this placemat must be made by regular manufacturers. PVC placemats, like cotton placemats, also have a variety of shapes and patterns, and its heat insulation effect is particularly good, because most pvc placemats are two-layered and there are gaps between the layers. Let it be insulated, so it's heat insulation time is also very good, but the PVC mat is generally replaced in two or three years, because it is a chemical product, after all, will be aging.


In addition to the traditional mat material, the current silicone material mat has also received more and more welcome, including the favor of many five-star hotels. Silicone insulation pads and mats are low-carbon and environmentally-friendly, with excellent performances such as non-slip, heat insulation, and abrasion resistance. They also have an ideal texture and bright colors. Silicone insulation pad is generally made of 100% silicone, good thermal insulation, high temperature resistant to fade, tolerable temperature range from -40 degrees to +230 degrees. Environmentally friendly and easy to clean, soft texture, arbitrary distortion without stretching, anti-aging, long service life. Can be used for home kitchen, but also for ovens, refrigerators, microwave ovens, disinfection cabinets, dishwashers, washing machines, restaurants, hotels, cafes and other entertainment and leisure venues.

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