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What are the main reasons for the adsorption of dust on silicone coasters?

Publish Date: 2018-04-03 Click: 331
What are the main reasons for the adsorption of dust on silicone coasters?

How to prevent silicone coaster sticky dust? When people relax, they often go to a cafe or a tea restaurant to spend a leisure time, but I do not know if anyone noticed that many place mats and coasters have a variety of colorful silicone materials. Starbucks must be a well-known brand that everyone knows about. Although there have been some negative news recently (Starbucks cancer crisis), some things are still unaffected, and those who pay attention should see that every drink will provide you with a good look. Silicone coasters, and out of well-known brands, some of the more literary cafes and restaurants will have similar products, which also means that the environmental protection industry is leading us to start the environmental protection line, starting from the green material.


Silicone coasters look colorful, but when it comes to technology, it's not that simple. First of all, the nature of the silicone coaster is aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, the requirements for the product mold line and surface treatment need to be more stringent. Silicone coasters are the most difficult to control in the production process of silicone products. They are unfamiliar and windy. Poor control, due to the large size of the coaster product, the curing time during processing is too long, so the product appears these two phenomena.

silicone coaster silicone coaster

What are the main reasons for the adsorption of dust on silicone coasters? The phenomenon of sticking to ash, sticky debris, etc. is the bulk chemical property of silica. The phenomenon of adsorption force is an unavoidable physical factor among raw materials. For the use of silica gel mats in life and in textiles, plush and other places are sure to appear. Viscous phenomena, but for such phenomena is required to be processed and solved by silicone mat processing manufacturers.

 It should be noted that the adsorption force is the main reason for the accumulation of dust on the silica gel pad, so the additives in the silicone and inorganic silicon are different in the raw materials. The different adsorption modes can reduce the silicon chain structural units in the silicone material and can be added at the same time as the raw materials are mixed. A large amount of moisture destroys the adsorption strength of the silanol and reduces the active proportion in the adsorption of silica gel.

After the molding, the silicone coasters are not subject to the secondary treatment process, so the surface will have the ability to automatically adsorb dust, but can be electrostatic spraying to cover the electrostatic surface to prevent the adsorption capacity, there are two processing methods, in the processing of silicone products manufacturers Before use of anti-static adhesive, in the raw material to control the adsorption of silica gel energy and (reduced anode), the other method is to generate silicone rubber products after the spray treatment, the anti-static oil sprayed on the surface of the silicone product to achieve smooth, no Static effect.

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