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How to distinguish the quality of silicone products?

Publish Date: 2018-04-09 Click: 198
How to distinguish the quality of silicone products?

How to distinguish the quality of silicone products? what is the benefit? Of course, it can help you avoid a lot of trouble, poor quality silicone products not only allow you to spend money, but also may affect the user's health. There are many types of silicone products, and there are differences in distinguishing the quality of different silicone products. In short, mastering two main methods can identify the quality of silicone products.


How to distinguish whether silicone material is authentic? Some manufacturers use other similar silicone materials as silicone materials in order to save costs. They have similar hardness, feel and elasticity as silicone materials. It is difficult to intuitively judge the true and false, and these materials are relatively low in cost compared to silicone materials, and their service life is shorter. The anti-aging and other related properties are very different from those of silicone materials.

silicone products silicone products


For these types of products, we can distinguish between open fire and roasting. Authentic silicone products won't produce a lot of smoke when they are fired on an open fire. Only a small amount of white smoke will be produced, and only a small amount of white powder will remain after the burning process is completed. These white powders are silica. If it is other non-environmental substances, it will produce a lot of black smoke and sticky substances.


Second, how to identify whether the silicone products are qualified? As silicone products are molded using molding, and a good part of the product is due to the mold design is reasonable, then I need to check whether the product edge cracking, silicone products, once the cracking, the entire product has lost its function, and this This phenomenon is caused by the reasonable design of the hem of the mold. Therefore, when we inspect silicone products, we must not let go of the screening of the product's fatal defects.

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