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In addition to making ice cubes, ice cube tray can still play this way?

Publish Date: 2018-04-12 Click: 364
In addition to making ice cubes, ice cube tray can still play this way?

The ice cube tray is a small mold for making ice cubes in the freezer of the refrigerator. When the weather is hot, take appropriate ice cubes in the beverage, cool and refreshing, nothing is changed! In addition to doing ice cubes, do you know that ice cubes can also be used to make all kinds of delicious food? All kinds of brain supplements, saliva can not help but stay, and weekends and holidays quickly experimented. Don't wait for the small partner to come to visit. He is still the same as before. We are not the same.


In addition to the ice cubes in the frozen state, the ice tray can also make the following ice with high value! In a word, just ask you to learn? Do you want? There are several interesting ways to play Ice Cube, simple, fun, creative and free to recommend to you. Summer fruit jelly, home-made yogurt accessories. Freeze your black coffee, just add milk in the summer, you can make ice latte. It is also good to replace the black coffee with truffle chocolate and cocoa powder. A variety of fruit jelly cubes can be used to make cocktails. Spare baby food supplement. Save unfinished red wine or prepare for cooking. Frozen flowers and grass grass instead of white ice cubes in the bucket, the decorative effect is extremely strong. Fresh spices can't finish? Put in an ice tray, pour olive oil or salt-free butter, and seal with plastic wrap. OK! The students who love to eat small soup, according to this method to freeze the soup, in the morning in the microwave, who eat to know,

  ice cube tray ice cube tray

Cut the strawberries or any of your favorite fruits into the ice cubes, then add the melted chocolate and freeze! The last ice is a variety of fruit chocolate. Prepare yogurt and various juices and fruits. Add yoghurt first and then divide it into different juices and flesh, and finally freeze on these beautiful and delicious fruit yogurt ice!

 Let the soaked coffee come out of ice cubes and use it for ice, then add it to the freshly brewed coffee to cool quickly, or make the iced coffee thicker. Prepare various favorite juices and drinks, and put ice cubes into ice cubes. Then you can make shaved ice for all tastes. All kinds of dried flowers are made into various ice cubes. Can be put into a variety of drinks and wine, but also beautiful and sweet. The frozen chocolate is frozen in an ice cube and stored in the milk. Instantly, it becomes chocolate milk. Prepare a variety of cut fruit and fruit juices. Add together ice cube tray and ice cubes to add to the drinks.

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