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How much do you know about silicone products?

Publish Date: 2018-04-13 Click: 253
How much do you know about silicone products?

In most parts of China's interior, many people do not understand what silicone products are and where they are applied. What is a silicone product, it includes which products can be made using silicone. We first understand the material of silicone, I believe that people who know a little are not unfamiliar with silicone, silicone also belongs to the category of plastic, there are many people call it plastic, in fact, silicone is more environmentally safe, more stable it is good. However, the price is relatively expensive, and it is divided into silicone and inorganic silica gel.

Silicone products in the market in the Mainland? In fact, silicone products have been widely used in foreign countries. Since 2010, silicone products have only slowly entered our field of vision. In 2013, silicone products also have a very good growth trend in our country. Just like our silicone phone cases, the emergence of smart machines has not only changed our lives, but also has driven many industries. It can be said that everyone When you buy a new smart phone, you will buy a silicone phone case to protect our beloved mobile phone and prove that the silicone products are in a huge market. 

And our silicone life products are slowly appearing in our daily life. Cheaper prices, environmentally friendly materials, so that more people choose silicone supplies, silicone utensils, silicone gifts. Our market is constantly expanding. According to 2013 statistics, the total production of silicone products in 2013 was 30% higher than that of 2012. This means that silicone products are constantly expanding in our domestic market and will also be the world's largest silicone product market.

silicone products silicone products


Silicone production process details, extruded silicone products are usually extruded through the extrusion machine silicone molding, the general shape of the extruded silicone is a long, tubular can be freely cut, but the shape of the extruded silicone has limitations in the medical It is widely used in equipment and food machinery.


Liquid silicone products are injection molded by silicone injection molding. The products are soft and can reach a hardness of 10°C to 40°C. Due to their soft characteristics, they are widely used in artificial body parts, medical silicone breast pads, and so on.

 Molded silica gel products are usually pressed through a vulcanizing machine after being put into a solid silicone raw material containing a vulcanizing agent through a high-temperature mold, and high-temperature sulfur is formed into a solid. The hardness of the molded silica gel is usually from 30°C to 70°C. Raw materials with color paste in accordance with Pantone color card number to draw color, the shape of the mold determines the shape of molded silicone products, molded silicone products are currently the most widely used in the silicone industry. Mainly used for only silicone industrial accessories, buttons, silicone gifts, silicone bracelets, silicone watches, key bags, mobile phone sets, silicone kitchen utensils, silicone mats, ice trays, cake molds and so on.

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