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What kind of comfort life will whiskey silicone ice ball bring to us?

Publish Date: 2018-04-16 Click: 355
What kind of comfort life will whiskey silicone ice ball bring to us?

The whisky silicone ice ball, circular ice cube has a large specific surface area and dissolves slowly with a mild dilution rate. The appearance is mellow, and the high visual value of the face value is always sought after by many tasters. Compared to crushed ice, ice cubes, it can be used for whiskey, wine, coffee and other iced drinks, ice cube ball  ice effect is better, the visual effect is the United States and the United States. It's a pleasure to have a drink in your free time. And this summer, you need to add some ice cream cool! Whiskey ice ball makers, designers cleverly designed the upper and lower structure, has solved the trouble of the circular ice hockey ice injection water. The strong ductility of the silicone, the release process of the finished ice is smooth.


USSE whiskey silicone ice ball characteristics? Made of raw materials made of silica gel, it has the environmental protection quality characteristics of silicone raw materials, and it is very safe and healthy to use with special food grade silicone raw materials. Round ice cubes can be used for bartending or freezing beverages, while ice balls float in the drinks and also have a good decorative effect. Silicone ice cubes are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and contain no toxic and hazardous substances. The temperature range is -40°C to 250°C. In addition, it also has the advantages of easy cleaning, softness, no deformation, no sticking, high elasticity and tear resistance, no fading, and long life. Separate the upper and lower lids to solve the problem of difficulty in filling the round ice hockey. Without the use of a funnel, it is poured directly into the lower lid to complete the water injection.

silicone ice ball    silicone ice ball

Whiskey silicone ice ball hoop up and down cover slot design, can make the frozen ball more perfect, cover the cover down and press the ball slot in the middle of the ball to fully engage, you can discharge excess water and air. If the water level in the ball is too full, the ball can be squeezed to make it overflow. The size of the dollar coin at the top of the ball is vacant, and it can be crystallized into a rounded ice ball after freezing. After water injection is completed, the volume of water outside the ball can be dumped to prevent residual water from affecting the seal. Smooth material, non-stick ice hockey, excellent mold release. After the crystal is molded, the ice ball can be easily taken out by twisting the bottom seat ball.


Food-grade silicone, without BPA, does not breed bacteria, can ensure food safety and eat healthier. In addition to being used to make ice, it can also be used to make round stick ice. Home made ice cream, ice chocolate balls, jelly, pudding and other ice products. It can also be used to bake cakes and cookies. It is a home kitchen gadget that young people love very much. Whiskey silicone hockey mold in addition to home, but also applies to bars, cold drinks and other dining and entertainment venues, but also for gifts, souvenirs, promotional gifts.


Ice making procedure - water injection, clean drinking water after clean ice tray, the water level does not overflow prevail. Cover the lid, press the lid into the water, and the edges snap. Press the slot, fix the cover, and press and engage the slot between each puck. To control the amount of water, when the water level in the ball is too full, the ball can be squeezed and squeezed out of the top hole. Control the volume of water out of the ball, tilt the ice cubes, and the amount of water remaining outside the sphere to avoid residual water. After freezing, open the upper and lower cover to affect the sealing effect. Freeze forming. Place in the freezer and let stand until it forms a spherical ice cube. Tear the cover, twist the bottom of the ball and lift the puck out. This summer, with the summer heat, with our whisky silicone ice ball is enough!

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