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What is the use of ice cube tray? How could you take the ice out off the ice cube tray?

Publish Date: 2018-04-17 Click: 298
What is the use of ice cube tray? How could you take the ice out off the ice cube tray?

Some people say that there is less use of ice cube tray, we can only add water to ice cubes? What is the magical effect of ice tray? In addition to ice making, there are still seven magical features in the ice tray. Is your home ice box oversized? The Hanchuan silicone ice cube trays are simple, funny and creative. Many people have ice cubes at home, but few people know how to use ice trays. In addition to adding water, it seems like ice cubes are not really useful in life. As a result, many people's ice trays have gradually been ignored. Or buy a refrigerator and throw the ice cube directly. In fact, as long as the imagination is used, ice cubes have a lot of value in eating.

For example, ice cubes can be used to make fruity ice. Just cut the corresponding fruit or drain the juice. For another example, ice cubes can be used to preserve a variety of spices and so on. In fact, as long as you play a little, the kitchen props for almost every household can also be a good helper for making life more creative and interesting.

ice cube tray ice cube tray

1, summer fruit jelly, home-made yogurt accessories.

2, freeze your black coffee, as long as summer milk, you can do ice latte. It is also good to replace the black coffee with truffle chocolate and cocoa powder.

3, all kinds of combination of fruit jelly, can be used to prepare cocktails.

4, spare baby food supplement.

5. Save unfinished red wine or prepare it for cooking.

6, frozen flowers and grass instead of white ice in the barrel, the decorative effect is extremely strong.

7, fresh spices can not finish? Put in an ice tray, pour olive oil or salt-free butter, and seal with plastic wrap. OK! The students who love to eat Xiaoyan, according to this method to freeze the soup, in the morning in the microwave, who eat to know!

What is the magical effect of ice cube tray? The seven easy-to-use methods above make the charm of ice cubes full of charm.

How did the ice in the ice tray come out?

1, take the ice to the pool and rinse it with warm water.

2, with both hands holding the sides of the lattice gently twist a few

3, the ice will loosen and it will come out

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