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Silicone products have no harm? How did it come about?

Publish Date: 2018-04-19 Click: 294
Silicone products have no harm? How did it come about?

Silicone products have no harm? Can you use it? What are the hidden dangers? The silicone products themselves are absolutely safe and reliable, but we just need to worry about using them in certain specified environments. So under what circumstances silicone products will cause harm? It can only be said that small items should be kept away from infants and young children. Children under the age of three may use silica gel products. Small silicone products may cause suffocation and severely endanger life. They are not mature for young children. Judgment ability often puts small products on vulnerable, sensitive areas such as entrances, eyes and noses. It can only be noted by parents and elders!


So remind everyone that we must pay attention to the storage of small pieces of silicone products to avoid unnecessary losses. In addition, ordinary silicone products should not be used for chemical products such as strong acids and alkalis. Ordinary silicone products cannot reach the appropriate level of safety and may be corroded. If many hearts touch the body, it will cause fatal injuries. Should not overestimate the ability of silicone products, many people believe that silicone products can withstand high temperatures, it will ignore a lot of security risks, avoid using silicone products for prolonged high-temperature baked.

silicone products silicone products


How are silicone products made? Pure silica gel products can be molded with solid silicone rubber, extruded in strips, liquid silicone injection molding (micro injection molding); silicone rubber can be coated with metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, epoxy resin, etc. The materials are glued together. Shaped silicone products can not be shaped once can be glued at room temperature, but also divided into RTV silicone glue, instant glue + silicone treatment agent and other programs.


For self-adhesive silicone products, the use of double-sided adhesive on one side of the silicone to achieve self-adhesive effect. Others such as medical silicone, silicone gel, silicone pressure sensitive adhesive and fabric, PET film, TPU hot melt film and so on compound together. Silicone products have no harm? At work, silicone does not cause any harm to the human body. Silicone raw material manufacturers do not have any toxic substances. The main damage in production is that the temperature of the molding machine is too high, and employees will sweat a lot in the summer. The temperature of the mold will be hot if it is operated at about 200 degrees. However, for many manufacturers, the production model has been adapted.

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