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How to choose silicone placemat manufacturer?

Publish Date: 2018-04-20 Click: 287
How to choose silicone placemat manufacturer?

Understanding the strength of silicone placemat manufacturers is helpful for product delivery guarantees. do you know? There is a big difference between advertising gifts and other products, and the requirements for delivery are very strict. For example, if you need to conduct an exhibition promotion on April 27th, then the cooperative silicone mat manufacturers must deliver the gifts to your hands before April 26th. Once you miss the time, the gifts will not have any meaning. Therefore, the first thing that needs attention is to find powerful manufacturers. The USSE brand created by Hanchuan Silicone Factory in 16 years is a professional manufacturer of silica gel mats, silica gel mats, silicone gaskets, silicone non-slip mats and other silicone products. It has passed the US FDA, EU LFGB certification, and exported to more than 100 countries such as Europe, America and Japan. country. The factory also has a quality inspection department of all products must be inspected before leaving the factory, in ensuring the delivery of silicone mat while also ensuring the quality.


In recent years, silicon rubber technology has developed rapidly, and the technology for processing silicone products has gradually matured. Some of the same advertising gifts, using silicone to do even a little cheaper than PVC. Hanchuan Silicone Factory's convenient operation and quality are also very stable, which greatly saves labor costs and reduces consumables prices. Naturally, it is more favorable than others. Hanchuan factory has the development ability to provide feasible solutions. The development capability here is to say that there are no specific drawings. According to the customer's picture and related description, can make the corresponding sample. Hanchuan silicone mat manufacturers have such ability, the factory has a design department and mold department, specifically for customers to solve product development issues.


silicone placemat manufacturer silicone placemat manufacturer

Silicone placemats, insulation pads and other silicone products, safety issues have always been the focus of people's attention. Many customers and Hanchuan silicone mat manufacturers mentioned that before, in other factories to play a few kinds of silicone mat, can not meet the export standards, export silicone mat to achieve what standards? . In fact, like silica gel mat silicone products, environmental protection is not qualified.

Silicone mat manufacturers can improve from the following three aspects:

Raw material quality control. Many silica gel mats use very mixed materials. The use of non-environmentally friendly raw materials leads to unqualified products. Hanchuan Silicone Mat Factory uses food grade raw materials such as German WACKER, US Dow Corning and Toshiba.

Production process specifications. Silicone mats require high safety and require high process requirements. After molding, they require time to remove volatile substances. However, some silicone placemat manufacturers have not done so. In addition to using food-grade equipment, they also need to store the product for a sufficient period of time, and then completely remove the volatile substances before packaging.

Silicone placemat inspection may be because the factory does not understand the test items. Countries like the European Union require product testing to be conducted in the most rigorous use of its foreseeable manner.

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