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What is the softest and most hardness of siliconbe products?

Publish Date: 2018-05-15 Click: 171

The silicone products hardness can be different according to the process, and the hardness is not the same. If it is a liquid silicone technology, it can be used for low-degree silicone products, for example, 0 to 20 degrees, even if you get your hands are very sticky This type of silicone products are generally few, and the development of a set of liquid silicone molds is particularly expensive, and generally less tens of thousands. 

silicone product hardness

The liquid process is more often done on the order of 10 degrees to 20 degrees. For some silicone miscellaneous products, the silicone products made with the liquid process are not easy to remove because of the material, which leads to a problem that the product is not flashed Smooth, glitched appearance. Therefore, the liquid process is suitable for low-grade silicone products without requiring strict self-removal.