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Is there only food value in your ice tray? What other ideas are you using?

Publish Date: 2018-05-23 Click: 461
Is there only food value in your ice tray? What other ideas are you using?

Ice tray mold powerful, you will not only be used to build ice, right? Don't waste it. The so-called use of things is the only way. Store magical use and find out. Leaving the refrigerator, the ice tray can also be transformed into a super practical storage gadget. Take a look and you can see that when you take a look, the small line volume and sewing package are placed in the ice tray. They are neat, no longer afraid of chaos. When you use them, you can see them at a glance and save them. The gospel of the perfectionist; too many cosmetics. There is no need to buy a special storage box. An ice tray can hold a dozen lipsticks, eye shadows and blushes. Your dressing table will look like a beauty counter and it will look beautiful and tidy. At a blink of an eye, the ice cube turned into a jewelry box and put rings, necklaces, watches, and small accessories on it.

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Toilet deodorant, haven't heard? There is a smell in the toilet at home, so don't worry. It's recommended that you use a self-made deodorant on an ice tray. The required materials are simple, just baking soda, citric acid (alternatively lemon can be used), detergent and an ice cube. First, prepare a water basin and pour a glass of soda powder into the cup, about 30g. Then add about 1/4 cup of citric acid, about 10g. If there is no citric acid, you can use fresh lemon juice instead, as long as about 20ml. Finally, pour a scoop of detergent into a small teaspoon and mix well. Then the mixed detergent was put in an ice tray and frozen in the refrigerator overnight. As soon as the cleaner has completely solidified, it can be removed from the ice tray and stored in a container protected from light. When there is a odor in the toilet, throw a piece in the toilet and wait for it to dissolve naturally. This will not only deodorize but also sterilize the toilet!

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There is a baby's mother at home, sure to make a baby food supplement headache, do more to eat endless waste, do less children and eat enough, this time the ice cube comes in handy. Once you can make pumpkin mud, green bean puree, and all sorts of fish, put it in the ice cube and freeze it. Simply take a small portion of your baby's food to heat it up. The baby's weekly food supplement will do it all at once. On the market there is a special supplement ice tray for sale, special soft mold ice tray, easier to remove the mold from the ice. If you need to use frozen ingredients often, it is recommended to use this silicone ice tray.


Finally, when frying meat and cooking, if you are not sure how much oil you should put, try freezing the edible oil with an ice tray. Putting a small square on each time is appropriate, especially if you have high cholesterol and high blood pressure. In middle-aged and old people, cooking must pay attention to less oil and salt; fennel, shallots, and all kinds of herbs, each time the amount of food needed is not much, you can directly wash them into ice trays, pour vegetable oil and freeze them. The next time you cook, you can just throw it in the pan to heat it. The taste is still the same.

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