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What kind of pattern can be printed by silicone pad factory?

Publish Date: 2018-06-06 Click: 359
What kind of pattern can be printed by silicone pad factory?

At present, silicone mats are still the most popular silicone products in Europe and the United States, while 80% of silicone products by Hanchuan silicone pad factory are exported to developed countries such as Japan and Europe. Different countries have different beliefs, styles, hobbies, etc., all of which are reflected in the custom procurement of silicone mats. Hanchuan silicone pad manufacturers can print any pattern? Han Chuan silicone products factory to provide customers with mold customization, mold customization and other services, the mold size is 400 * 300 * 1mm, can print a variety of patterns for the customer, the color is no upper limit, what color you want to print to print what color.


Specifically, the printing color is divided into two types, called in the line: four-color printing and spot color printing. Four-color printing: four-color even CMYK, can print a gradient effect, which is the over-effect of two colors, four-color printed silicone mat delicate effect, looking very comfortable and natural; spot color printing: yellow, magenta The printing process of copying the color of the original is performed using other color inks other than the four-color inks of blue, black, and black. When different colors are put together, the color impact is strong.


Silicone pad manufacturers in the printing process should pay attention to what? After the raw material is fully stirred, it must be left for 20 minutes to allow the air bubbles to be discharged automatically. Otherwise, the air bubbles will go back through the screen, causing the product to become cracked and become unhealthy; the humidity in the workshop will be controlled, and the slow-drying or quick-drying materials will be added at the right time. The screen will not be easily blocked and the production efficiency will be greatly improved. After the colors are all printed, the surface color is dry, but it does not mean that the internal colors are dry. Can not be stacked immediately after printing, should be placed in a cool place for a while.


The USSE silicone pad factory silicone products manufactured by Hanchuan silicone pad manufacturers can pass US FDA food grade certification? First of all, FDA is the abbreviation of the United States Food and Drug Administration and is one of the executive agencies set up by the United States in the Department of Health and Human Services and the Ministry of Public Health. Silicone mats can all pass the FDA food grade certification, and also accumulate in the EU market, a large number of high-quality traders. Silicone mats can also be certified in the EU and exported to high-end markets in some EU countries. Many customers have doubts in their minds. Can they pass the test on raw materials, production or processing? Silicone mats that are generally tested by FDA are made of high tensile silicone and high transparent silicone raw materials.

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