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How to Disinfect Ice Cube Mold Made of Silicone?

Publish Date: 2018-06-07 Click: 165

How to Disinfect Ice Cube Mold Made of Silicone?

Can you use hot water? How to remove the silicone mold on the taste?

The first thing you can be sure of is the ice cube mold made of silica gel. The raw materials belong to the additive liquid silicone. It is a food grade silicone raw material and it is not poisonous.

Second, the silicone is resistant to high temperatures, and the boiling water at 100°C is sufficient, so it is feasible to use hot water for this simple method.

As for the taste of silica gel on the ice tray mould, under normal circumstances, the silica gel factory does the secondary vulcanization of the silicone ice tray mould, which is free of odor. The odor can be eliminated to the greatest extent in a cool, ventilated, and breathable place.

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