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What is the health and environmental protection of the lunch box?

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What is the health and environmental protection of the lunch box?

There are more and more people who take meals with office workers. But have you chosen the right lunch box? We must know that if the lunch box is used incorrectly, it will have a great impression on our health and must not be ignored. In fact, not only working people, some students will bring their own meals to school, and then you can enjoy it with a hot microwave oven. In fact, lunch boxes have a great influence on our health. Not all lunch boxes are suitable for microwave ovens. What is the healthiest material in the lunch box? The hard plastic lunch boxes have good high temperature resistance and are not easily decomposed under high temperatures. They are a relatively healthy type of lunch box.


Stainless steel lunch boxes, if you do not need high temperature heating, then the stainless steel lunch box is also very suitable, very healthy; heat-resistant glass material. This lunch box can also be heated in the microwave oven, and it will not decompose harmful substances, it is recommended to use; poor quality plastic material. This material will not be resistant to high temperatures, after heating will break down some of the harmful substances to the human body, it is recommended not to use; carton material. This lunch box is very simple and not suitable for overheating. Silicone lunch box is environmentally friendly, easy to clean, high temperature resistant and can be placed in microwave ovens for hot meals.

 lunch box lunch box

 So, what kind of material lunch box is healthier? What kind of lunch box is best for office workers to bring meals to? Health diet experts pointed out that there are many green tableware for the pursuit of light, mostly resin material, but when it comes to hot soup and hot noodles, it will release toxic substances, especially plastic tableware whose quality is not guaranteed, not only polluting the environment, but also It may affect the health of the liver, kidneys, and reproductive system, but stainless steel cutlery does not have these concerns. Even if it is a qualified plastic tableware, it will not harm people. Only PP plastic plastic products can be placed in the microwave heating, and when using the microwave heating, it is best to avoid using a plastic box to heat foods containing large amounts of grease, sugar. If the food has high oil content or high sugar content, the temperature at the time of heating may exceed the indicated tolerance temperature, and it is recommended to use glass or ceramic vessels dedicated to microwave ovens for heating.


The simple method for the lunch box to taste, the milk to taste method: After use, first wash with a detergent, and then into the lunch box into the two key fresh milk, cover the lid, shaking, so that every corner of the lunch box with milk , About one minute, finally pour out the milk, clean the lunch box; Orange peel to taste method: After use, first wash with detergent, then put the fresh orange peel into the lunch box, put the lid, put about 3 to 4 hours can be; to smell the way: To remove the odor in the lunch box, you can use vinegar to wipe, and its odor. If you have enough time, you can place 1 cup of vinegar in a lunch box and cover it with a lid overnight. Vinegar will absorb the smell of the lunch box. Or sprinkle some baking soda and let it sit overnight. It also has the effect of eliminating odor.

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