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The most interesting silicone ice tray usage you may not know! The second one is so funny!

Publish Date: 2018-06-13 Click: 2657
The most interesting silicone ice tray usage you may not know! The second one is so funny!

In this quiet hot summer, many people like to eat cold food to unwind the heat. At night, they stare at the stars and light up each other’s hearts to illuminate the way forward. Ice, this stuff, many times, we think it's not as good as buying it at home. But who said that the use of ice cubes is so limited that they can only add frozen ice cubes? Many people like to use ice cubes for their own hands, because the silicone ice tray usage is relatively simple, ice tray mold allows you to make good-looking strawberry ice, coffee ice, milk ice and so on.

How to make strawberry ice? Strawberries are first soaked in salt water for 20 minutes, then plucked and washed. Then cut the strawberries into small Ding, ice box large D can be properly cut a little bigger, strawberry Ding 0.5cm, strawberry Ding is about half the volume of the ice box. Then pour in yogurt or whole milk, like sweet can sprinkle some icing. The milk should not be overly full, and the liquid will expand slightly when it becomes ice. Place the ice box in the freezer for 3 hours + and remove the ready-to-eat food. The cute and beautiful strawberry ice is made. If you add strawberries, you will have the feeling of strawberry yogurt. If you add milk, the taste may not be sour, and the taste will be a bit stronger.

silicone ice tray usage  silicone ice tray usage

Silicone ice cubes you will only use to make ice cubes? In the hot summer days, 6 very good use of silicone ice lattice, interested friends quickly turned out to be ignored in the ice cube of the refrigerator for a long time to practice it! 

Fruity ice, adding fruit or mint-like spices in the water can make the ice cubes taste more rich, the color is more beautiful, and the method is very simple. Take pomegranate as an example, first take a small amount of pomegranate seeds into the drink In the water, use a clean knife to cut or squeezing, let the pomegranate seed juice, mixed with drinking water, then pour the mixture into the ice tray, then put a few pieces of intact pomegranate seeds into the refrigerator Frozen.

Intensive preservation of fresh spices, supermarkets generally have fresh western spices such as oregano, rosemary, thyme, etc., but a big bag is needed to buy, but it only takes a little bit to cook. Therefore, it often causes waste. If you have such troubles, then please be sure to learn this method.

The fresh spices are washed and dried, and the large pieces are chopped and then placed in an ice cube, which takes up about 2/3 of the ice cubes. Then they are poured into extra virgin olive oil or melted salt-free butter and finally the plastic wrap is sealed. You can quickly freeze in the refrigerator.

coffee ice, if you like to drink iced coffee, then this coup must not be missed, as long as the cool black coffee is poured into the ice tray, and then quickly frozen into the refrigerator. When you want to drink iced coffee, put the ice cubes in the cup, then pour in fresh milk, almond milk or coconut milk, and you can immediately drink the cool iced coffee! This method can save black coffee that can't be finished. Second, even if the ice melts, it won't make your drinks thin and light.

silicone ice tray usage silicone ice tray usage


The direct consumption of summer fruit ice, fruit ice is actually equal to everyone's favorite popsicle (snow bar) in the heat, but the mold is not the same. Although it looks very beautiful and layers, it feels a bit difficult, but it is only an illusion. It is recommended that everyone use coconut milk, fruit juice and fruit and vegetable smoothies to match. Each layer is put back into the refrigerator and quickly frozen to a little condensation, and then poured. The next layer will have a neat layering effect.

pumpkin coffee ice, Starbucks will launch a corresponding new coffee products every quarter, to fall, of course, not less pumpkin coffee. Cool the squash coffee and pour it into the ice cube to cool it. The cold taste is very special! Of course, this is a good way to consume endless coffee;  

Peanut Butter Chocolate, next Valentine's Day plans to give DIY chocolate to sweetheart, then this peanut butter chocolate you have to learn a school! This dessert can be made in accordance with silicone ice tray usage, and the taste is great! First, chop the black chocolate that you bought and melt it with hot water. Next, mix peanut butter, honey, a handful of cereal crumbs, and a small amount of water into a thick state. Then pour 1/3 grid of chocolate sauce into the ice tray first, put a little peanut butter mixture on it, and finally cover with chocolate. Cover peanut butter, you can seal the plastic wrap and freeze in the freezer!

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