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Stop the mess! Look no more! We have the perfect silicone baby bibs for you!

Publish Date: 2018-09-18 Click: 218
Stop the mess! Look no more! We have the perfect silicone baby bibs for you!

Imagine getting through mealtimes without the exhausting clean up. Only these USSE 100% waterproof silicone baby bibs have a large spill pocket. Self-feeding toddlers love to eat right out of the pocket- never waste another meal again! The impressive 8 fluid ounce capacity will catch food drink spills while protecting clothing. Hard for babies to pull off. Flexible silicone button fasteners are quick and easy to use, but the reinforced design makes it diffcult for your baby to pull it off. Adjustable to 7 neck positions, they suit children from 6 months to 6 years, ensuring a perfect ft every time while leaving room for future growth.

Sick of your bibs collecting stains? Sick of constantly putting your bibs in the wash? Sick of your bibs turning moldy? Sick of all the food scraps falling everywhere? Look no more! We have the solution! Our silicone bib is waterproof, easy to wash under water and to wipe dry. It's silky soft silicone give extra comfort to your baby and won't cut into the skin around the neck. The wide pocket catches the food scraps and it folds nicely and is lightweight for travel. It's your prefect companion for stress-free feeding whether at home, at grandma's or wherever you and your baby are going.

silicone baby bibs silicone baby bibs

The bibs come in 4 bright colors and 4 adorable designs. It's easy, comfortable and fun. You and your baby will love it!

Your favorite characters are here to make meal times easy and fun for you and your child. Easy to clean: Silicone baby bibs are completely waterproof. Just wipe or clean with water, Dishwasher safe. No Fuss, No Mess!: Deep pocket catch spills. Free of BPA. PVC and phthalates.

The silicone is light weight, soft, and flexible. With an adjustable neck strap, our bib is with your baby as he /she grows.

Age from 5 months and up. Large pouch with stay open technology that will not collapse. Catch big food and drink spills, while protecting clothing. 7 position adjustable snaps. Soft and comfortable to keep toddlers happy. Our infant silicone baby bibs have such cute colorful designs that other parents will ask where you got them. The convenient two-pack allows you to keep one at home and one in the diaper bag. Dishwasher safe for your convenience or just wash in soapy water and they 're ready to use again. 

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