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A small drawback has changed the perception of baby teether.

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A small drawback has changed the perception of baby teether.

After a few months of birth, the baby can gradually start to increase the complementary food, but for a few months old baby, the tableware request for eating complementary food is relatively high. Baby teether is divided into individual sizes. Therefore, different models are suitable for babies of different ages. The trumpet is suitable for a four-month baby, while the large one is suitable for a six-month baby. The baby in this period of time is about to have teeth, so it is very suitable to use baby teether to temper chewing.


What are the drawbacks of baby teether? The basic size of the large can not be used, the child's small mouth can not basically enter. The trumpet is okay, the baby just started learning how to use the goods to eat, can not be used because of the food bite, do not have to worry about the fruit and seeds like the baby, it is not very good to clean, especially Fruits with darker colors such as oranges, after use, will leave the color of the fruit on the bite, which is difficult to remove. Children are curious about new things, and it doesn't have to be used several times.

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Everything has advantages and disadvantages, and the baby uses baby teether. Benefits: Self-feeding habits, baby teethers can make parents easy and safe to let the baby use a variety of different delicious ingredients, so that the safety of eating can greatly improve, but also make the baby have a happy, enjoyable eating experience, thus causing enthusiasm Autonomous eating habits. Secondly, balance nutrients to eat fragrant. It can make the baby eat a variety of different types of ingredients, giving the baby a more one-sided nutrient material, so that the baby eats aroma, body is good, not partial eclipse.


Benefits: Adequate chewing and rushing, biting can allow the baby with long teeth and salivary glands to have enough time to chew, suck, and swallow, so that the baby won't lick his fingers and other unsafe, unfavorable actions. The bite-biting collar has ten clear colors, and it is a debilitating food with a warm taste and novel taste. Naturally, it can effectively comfort the baby's sensory organs, which is beneficial to the baby's weak growth. The mood is pleasant and the body is good. You can participate in juicy fruit, debilitating vegetables and delicious meat in the mesh bag. When using bite to eat, the baby has a high interest and will show pleasure and enjoyment. And biting music can increase the harmony of the body, independent independence, and rapid response. This is the active influence of biting on the baby in the eyes and ears.


Disadvantages / harms: not very good cleaning and cleaning, especially oranges, such as dark orange fruit, after use, baby teether will leave the color of the fruit, it is difficult to remove; not long-term use is best not long time The use of ordinary baby, if the long-term use of the baby, is not conducive to the development of the baby's deciduous teeth, so try not to use.

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