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What are the benefits of baby silicone teether for your baby?

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What are the benefits of baby silicone teether for your baby?

From two or three months old, the baby loves to put his finger in his mouth and suck it. He eats a lot of fragrant food and eats it for a while. When he starts his long teeth in five or six months, she enters to see what to eat. In the stage, you can eat the goods that you can't eat, and you should put your hands in your mouth and bite! The moms is very troublesome for this, the baby's little hands are everywhere, and it is not clean! At this time, the USSE brand baby silicone products manufacturers advocate that moms can automatically supply the baby with comfort and bite - baby silicone teether, to induce them to successfully pass the sexual desire period, clean and clean every day, without proper disinfection. Nowadays, there are so many kinds of teeth and chews. How do you choose? How to choose the teeth according to the age of the baby?


What is the main role of baby teether in the baby during the teething period? What kind of matters are there in the time of application? Why do baby need baby teether? The baby's deciduous teeth start to sprout in about 4 to 10 months after birth. The first deciduous teeth appear in about 6 months, and they are slowly coming out within two years, a total of 20 pieces. The first deciduous deciduous teeth are a pair of incisors on the upper two ends, followed by the upper two ends, and then gradually emerge from the order of the two ends to the two sides. The history of long teeth is not comfortable for the baby. In addition to the symptoms of hypothermia, irritability, and restlessness in most babies during the teething period, the swelling, pain and itching of the gums can also afflict the unfortunate baby every moment. So they will be stalking around, the saliva flow is everywhere... and this is definitely unsanitary, and it can also cause the baby to accidentally swallow the food and other unexpected events.

baby silicone teetherbaby silicone teether


It is necessary to prepare a safe and effective "grinding tool" for the baby in the long-term period. The baby silicone chew is a kind of molar toy designed for the baby, also known as baby chew, solid tooth, tooth cutter, molar. Sticks, etc., usually made of safe and non-toxic silicone or natural rubber, with a variety of designs such as fruit, pacifier and cartoon characters. Baby teether usually has the following functions: slowing the pain and itching of the gums when the baby is teething; massaging the gums to make it more secure, and rushing the deciduous teeth even if they grow out; making the jaws develop normally, and the permanent teeth grow weakly and lay a good foundation; Baby's sucking and biting measures, tempering the mouth; tempering the harmonious ability of the baby's mouth and hands; tempering the baby's perception of softness, color, sound and other aspects, rushing into intellectual development; let the baby achieve psychological satisfaction And a sense of security.


How old can I use my teeth? Gum is not only for babies who have teeth, but also for babies who will have teeth. It is usually used for baby 6 months to 2 years old. If you invent the baby's saliva more and more, perhaps biting the goods, licking your fingers... you can also send this super baby toy to your baby. However, some babies have started their teeth in 4 months, and they can also use baby silicone teether. Because even if the baby has not yet had teeth, the gums have become more and more firm, so it is necessary to give the baby some hard food to temper the baby's chewing ability, which is more conducive to the baby's teeth, and the gums have such a function.


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