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How to choose a suitable baby plate?

Publish Date: 2018-10-17 Click: 753

How to choose a suitable baby plate?

Material up to standard: the best choice is not easy to embrittlement, aging, breaking and can withstand knocking, in the course of grinding not easy to fuzz edge cutlery. Individual materials should be lightweight, however, to prevent the selection of heating after easy release of harmful chemicals BPA PC and other risk materials.

It is convenient and unobstructed: the chassis must be severely punished, and the best way to prevent it is slippery design. The design should be animal-like, multi-round, scratch-proof, leakage-proof, inconvenient clean and disinfection, easy to carry out. It is also better to have partitioned design so that the baby can leave different foods and protect the health.

Enough fun: The cutlery should cater to the child's interests, be small and unique, be loved by the child, and cherish it.