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What effect does baby teether have? What's the downside?

Publish Date: 2018-10-18 Click: 181
What effect does baby teether have? What's the downside?

It can massage your baby's gums and relieve any discomfort during teething. What role baby teether can play is a problem that cannot be ignored. The most important way for infants under the age of 1 to achieve various desired satisfactions is through the mouth (i.e. sucking, eating, eating hands). This period is called oral desire period. If oral desire cannot be satisfied, the baby will be patient, cry, drool, and sometimes bite anything they can touch. The baby grows a tooth commonly from 6 months, prepare good tooth gum early, can alleviate the gum to itch painful problem of the time that darling grows a tooth. However, babies use different amounts of gum at different stages.

The baby is in the germination period between 4 months and 6 months. The germination period is when the teeth are not officially growing, which makes the baby think the gums are uncomfortable. The first stage of dental glue can be put in the refrigerator, and the cold touch can ease the swelling and pain of baby's teeth before teething. When most babies are 6 months old, a pair of teeth in the lower jaw should start to grow out, at this time to choose frozen gum, massage teeth in the delicate milk, soothing discomfort. When the baby has four incisors on the side and four canines, it is recommended to use the pacifier gum, which is similar to pacifier in shape and is light in weight and easy to grip. The soft and hard layer not only massages the tooth flesh around the teeth, but also lets the baby experience the chewing. The age of 1-2 years is the age of long milk molars. Choose the fixed dental adhesive with the scale of big teeth. The baffle should not involve the throat.

baby teether baby teether

What are the disadvantages of baby teether? By sucking and chewing gum, you can make your baby's eyes and hands harmonious, so that the intelligence can be developed in a hurry. In practice, when the baby is unhappy, tired and sleepy or lonely, he can get a sense of psychological satisfaction through sucking pacifier and gnashing gum. However, temporary use will affect the development of the baby's upper and lower jaw bones, and also cause the baby's high palatine arch, leading to the malocclusion of the upper and lower teeth. Therefore, temporary use is not recommended. Also can grow bacteria at will, parents should remember to often disinfect the gum clean. Gum is used to satisfy the needs of baby teeth itch. By sucking and chewing gum, the baby's mouth and hands can be harmonized, not only in the baby's baby teeth, but also in the development of intelligence.

When the baby is frustrated and unhappy, tired and sleepy or lonely, he can also get a sense of psychological satisfaction through chewing gum. Gum can relieve gum discomfort during teething and does not harm your baby's gums. It is strongly recommended that mothers give their babies a choice of good baby teether with good brand quality and good reputation. Child USES tooth gum to cause to rely on at will, also can have an effect to the mouth of the child, if use, want to use normal manufacturer to give, wait for the child to quit in time greatly.

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