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How to properly choose the baby teether for your kids?

Publish Date: 2018-10-22 Click: 166
How to properly choose the baby teether for your kids?

How to use baby teether? From two or three months, the melon-seed baby likes to put her finger in the mouth to suck, eat a huge fragrance, eat the hand for a while, until five or six months to begin to grow teeth, she entered the stage to see what to eat, can eat what can not be eaten, grasp the hand must be put in the mouth to bite!

Baby Ma has a headache for this. The little hands of the baby are all around, and they are not clean. The food she left behind made me crumble, glasses, her own feet, my cell phone... At this time, experts suggest that baby ma and Dad can take the initiative to provide comfort and bite to the baby, guide them through the desire period smoothly, clean every day, without excessive disinfection.

baby teether baby teether

So now there are so many kinds of baby teethers. How should we choose? How to choose the gum according to the age of the baby? Here we share with you the experience of using several kinds of gum. Good quality, after all, is the baby's entrance. No bisphenol A is selected. There are silicon on the market. Glue, EVA, rubber and latex are all soft glue, Dad. When mom buys, she wants to study if the material is over.

Choose to grasp easily. No small bits of baby teetherGlue prevents baby from swallowing parts, and suggests buying. Two, there are not many magic joints. Sophie, one of his deer, opened up and found the mould problem. This is easy to clean and not easy to hide dirt. It is easy to look cute and colorful. Attract baby's attention.

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