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How old is the baby suitable to use silicone bib? 丨USSE baby products

Publish Date: 2018-10-23 Click: 285
How old is the baby suitable to use silicone bib? 丨USSE baby products

What worries parents so much is, of course, the absence of mind at meals, the noise at sleep and the wandering. When is a baby most obedient? Rather than in a small bed, a deep sleep when hang out with, than take the silicone bib sitting in the kitchen for dinner, not only only is given by the silicone bib for the applicable performance of children, and the progress of the fun of eating, let the child grew up healthy and happy, and is the main benefit of silica gel products has a magical color, the shape of a cartoon, green material weaknesses, such as silicone bib is accompanied by growth of infants and young children youth peer best gift, as parents, you again to the silicone bib know how much?

silicone bib silicone bib

After the baby eats solid food, often can carelessly eat small clothes everywhere is food, the mother also cannot always change clothes, especially enters the winter after. The bib comes in handy now! The bib variety on market now is very much, the style is different, from material character alone, have cotton cloth, TPU, silica gel to wait, and exterior also is a variety of diversity, big and small be really dazzling and disordered, young veteran treasure mother is also often be in a tangle, that is eventually how old baby can use silica gel to wrap flexibly?

In fact, it's best to use a silicone bib when your baby is a year old. Why? We also know that babies are little and small when they are young, and they are always held in their hands for fear of breaking and hurting, and for fear of being knocked. Of course, when babies are dexterous and have the cerebellum of thinking, their bodies gradually grow up, and they can use silica gel to cover their pockets. Using silicone bib too early can lead to the development of the baby, because the baby is still small, the baby is still very heavy on his shoulders, harmful to the development of the baby.

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