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Baby bottles also have shelf life, how long is the shelf life of the feeding bottle?

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Baby bottles also have shelf life, how long is the shelf life of the feeding bottle?

There are three kinds of baby bottles that appear frequently on the market: plastic bottles, stainless steel bottles and glass bottles. Each bottle has its own shelf life and needs to be replaced regularly. If it is not replaced for a long time, there will be many problems and troubles. Clean, incomplete and residual milk stains can breed bacteria and are very unsafe. Bao Ma should remember to change the bottle regularly, after all, it is for her precious children.

There is also the shelf life of the bottle, so how long is the shelf life of the bottle? Mom may ask, how many bottles do babies need to prepare? What state need to change the bottle? Generally speaking, two bottles can be prepared, one for drinking water and one for milk. If the baby is breast-fed, and lack of milk, do not fill the formula, then only prepare a bottle of water can also be. Glass bottles can be used indefinitely, but the disadvantage is that they are fragile and need to be replaced in time when cracks occur. Avoid scratching your baby.

baby bottlesbaby bottles

The stainless steel bottle has a shelf life of 8-10 years, and the plastic bottle has a shelf life of 3-5 years. However, it is not recommended to replace the bottle until the shelf life, repeated use of old bottles is certainly not as clean as the new bottle. Long-term use of the bottle, because of milk or scale problems, dirt in the bottle, and provide a breeding ground for bacteria. When there is dirt inside the bottle, it is necessary to replace it in time to avoid diarrhea. Baby mothers note that even if you wash the bottle regularly, you may leave milk stains inside the bottle because of cleaning tools or inadequate disinfection, so you need to change the bottle regularly.

How long is the replacement cycle? If conditions permit, it is recommended that the baby bottles be changed 4-6 times a month. However, nipples are more likely to age than bottles, so in addition to changing the bottle in time, nipples should be changed frequently. In general, the gel nipple should be replaced once a month, and the latex nipple will be replaced once more than half a month. If it is found that the nipple is damaged, it should be replaced. The nipple itself is very casual aging, plus the baby will bite the nipple, so the aging will be faster. Baby Mom should check carefully to avoid the health hazards caused by the nipple problem.

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