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Kids getting harder to bring up? Baby silicone bib makes you less tired!

Publish Date: 2018-11-02 Click: 163
Kids getting harder to bring up? Baby silicone bib makes you less tired!

With the progress of The Times, various competitions are getting fiercer and fiercer. More and more people think that children are hard to bring, not only because they are too thin, but also because they are inefficient and use too many of the same methods. When you look at Chinese parents' most troublesome children's eating problems, you can often see one big man holding the children, another man feeding the children, and even chasing them around the house. After a meal, the adults are exhausted and the children are crying like a war. In fact, the most scientific method is not the parents to chase the child "forced" to eat, but the scientific use with the seat belt child's dining chair to fasten the child, and then around the baby silicone bib, let him eat, he knows his appetite. On parenting BBS, you can see a lot of parents saying "the baby is developing too fast, the children's dining chair cannot be used for a long time, still do not spoil".

Kids love a mouthful of food, like a millstone, and it's in the process of raising a child, and it's something every mom has to deal with. When the baby will call mom and dad, parents happy, when the baby from milk to mixed food and nutrition to support, mom both happy and not give up. Every growth process of the baby, is to let the parents complacent and happy. The baby's chewing ability must be promoted through the appropriate amount of time, so as the baby's parents do not have to be steady and steady, they should have the patience to give their children enough time to eat, of course, as they grow older, swallowing will be promoted, the scene of containing food will gradually disappear.

baby silicone bibbaby silicone bib

As a mother, there is a singular purpose, to raise children to pass the fat healthy, but there are moments you don't want to inherit to eat up the invention baby, baby to eat, do you want to chase after you feed the baby, the baby didn't come, of course, so he swallowed hard, so the baby will be with a meal, kept the grinding, don't swallow.

From 8 to 9 months, your baby will be able to increase finger food. You will always feed your baby, but he wants to eat it himself. At this time, we can prepare his own tableware and his own small table for the baby to tie a baby silicone bib. Give him a small spoon and the baby will start playing! This is a clever way for the baby to explore the world, and it can also temper the correct degree of feeding for the baby, laying a foundation for me to eat in the future. Don't force your baby to be fed; let him eat well. Have a meal watch TV, play the habit such as toy is not good, the baby is in have a meal of time, very optional because see have ugly TV or amused goods color and can forget oneself are having a meal, after that can contain a mouthful rice to eat to refuse to eat. Once blocked, he would cry.

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