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The baby is 4 months old. Is it suitable to use teething toy? What's the main function of it?

Publish Date: 2018-11-06 Click: 204
The baby is 4 months old. Is it suitable to use teething toy? What's the main function of it?

During the daily feeding process, different babies develop at different speeds. Some babies can already have teeth when they are four months old. The teeth of the baby are very itchy and often bite people and other things. What effect does teething toy have?

Generally, the baby starts to grow teeth after 4 months. The basic function of the baby gum is to relieve the baby's teething discomfort, which can be applied when the baby is in the adorable period. Mothers should also choose different kinds of gum depending on their baby's teething status and age:

 Pacifier gum: similar to pacifier in shape, it can massage the tooth flesh next to the teeth. Suitable just beginning to grind a tooth baby.

 Hydrogel: it can be used as a dental fixator to massage the gums, which will help the development of teeth. When the gums ache, it will have the effect of chilling. Suitable just the beginning of the baby teeth.

Audible gum: the audible gum can attract the baby's attention. Meanwhile, the soft gum surface can gently massage the gums to alleviate the discomfort and itch of the deciduous teeth. Suitable for any age.

teething toy teething toy

The gum was used from three months, from six months, and from eight months. Because different stages of the baby's need for dental gum is different. Sometimes it's itchy, sometimes it's comfortable, sometimes it's front teeth, sometimes it's pointed teeth, sometimes it's back teeth.

Can be placed in the refrigerator, cool for the baby to nibble, to alleviate the hot tooth bed. The main function of teething toy is to alleviate the discomfort of the gums when the baby is growing teeth. Put it in the refrigerator for a while before, and then let the baby take a bite to effectively alleviate the discomfort of the gums. If your baby has been drooling a lot lately and is reluctant to eat, it means he has teeth, so use teething toy.

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