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What's the difference between USSE baby teether and molar rods?

Publish Date: 2018-11-14 Click: 171
What's the difference between USSE baby teether and molar rods?

Children will gradually grow teeth from August, which is objective. Babies will itch when they grow teeth, so they like to nibble around the things in front of them. In order to ensure the healthy growth of babies, mothers need to screen suitable baby bite glue or molar sticks for babies. But many people don't know what the difference between a pair of teeth and a grind stick is. Baby chewing gum, also known as baby teether, is used to satisfy the baby's itch. By sucking and biting gum, the baby's mouth and hands will gradually move in harmony, not only promoting the growth of baby's deciduous teeth, but also promoting the development of intelligence in a hurry. When the baby is frustrated and unhappy, tired, sleepy or lonely, it can also get psychological satisfaction through biting gum.

In addition to the above points, infant gum biting can also alleviate the discomfort of the gum when the baby teeth, but also does not harm the baby's gums. Mothers are encouraged to buy gum with good brand quality and good reputation for their babies, so they are worried about using it. Mama should also choose different gutta percha according to the baby's teething and age. Nipple gum: similar to pacifier, it can massage the teeth next to the teeth. Suitable for babies who have just started molars. Water gel: Usually it can be used as a fixator to massage the gums, which is helpful for the development of teeth. When the gums are painful, it has the effect of freezing. Suitable for babies who have just started their long teeth. Vocal gum: It can recover the sound gum, which can attract the attention of the baby. At the same time, the soft gum appearance can massage the gums gently, and aggravate the discomfort and itching of the mastodons. Suitable for any age group.

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In addition, more attention should be paid to the use cycle and hygienic state of gum, more disinfection and cleaning, to maintain the cleanliness of baby's hands; mothers should always review gum, if there are cracks, and other conditions should be changed immediately. Molar rod is a kind of biscuit with moderate hardness, which can rub the gums, make the germinated deciduous teeth grow out in time, and often chew the molar rod. It can make the jaw develop normally and lay a good foundation for the weak growth of permanent teeth.

Prevent the baby from biting the rest of the items to ensure safety and hygiene; Molar rod shape and variety are very many, finger shape, round cake type and so on, can alleviate gingival discomfort, strengthen the gums, improve chewing ability; At the same time, it is also suitable for the baby to eat a strong snack, and now many molar rods are blended with a variety of vegetables and fruits, increasing. Add a lot of vitamins and other nutrients, so that the baby can enjoy the snacks while making up the nutrients. Mothers are advised to prepare a baby teether. As for molar sticks, many mothers think that they are a little hard and sweet, not suitable for their babies. Mothers are advised to choose molar biscuits, which are absolutely moderate in hardness and not too sweet. In short, they should choose what is suitable for their babies.

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