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USSE silicone feeding bottle: How can URL standardization be done?

Publish Date: 2018-11-19 Click: 179
USSE silicone feeding bottle: How can URL standardization be done?

Last Saturday afternoon (November 17, 2018), the 72nd issue of USSE silicone feeding bottle Public Welfare Course Brand Online Marketing Official Website SEO was not held in the old place of Maotai Club, this time held in New America Decoration Group Liuxiandong. 

Sunmake decoration headquarters is located in Shenzhen Nanshan High-tech Industrial Park, is a set of design, construction integration of the tooling enterprises. Sunmake Decoration Service covers professional services such as project design, project construction, air conditioning purification, mechanical and electrical installation, office furniture matching and so on. It is the overall solution service provider of enterprise engineering.

silicone feeding bottlesilicone feeding bottle

The purpose of brand official website SEO is a series of activities that enterprises shape their own and product brand image and make consumers widely agree with. Its main purpose is to enhance brand awareness, but also to bring traffic to websites/online stores/shops. Official website SEO starts with domain name selection. Most marketing enterprises recommend the domain name at the end of.Com. Domain name with brand + keywords is more appropriate. 

In the process of SEO, URL standardization is needed. What is URL standardization? Literally, it is to standardize the operation of URL (web address). The home page of a website can be accessed through several different URLs. The point here is to emphasize that no matter which URLs you decide to correspond to, you should always only use this URLs. When a page has multiple URL, choose one of them. This process is URL standardization. The purpose of URL standardization is to centralization all weights (external chains) to one URL.

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