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Is too big a baby bottle the main cause of infant obesity?

Publish Date: 2018-11-28 Click: 197
Is too big a baby bottle the main cause of infant obesity?

A study published in the American Journal of Pediatrics found that bottle size did not affect the risk of obesity and weight loss in infants. Small bottles help prevent infants who eat formula milk from becoming thinner later in the attack, while large baby bottles increase the risk of overweight and thinner babies. Dr. Elsie Tavilas, an associate professor at Harvard Medical School, and Dr. Charles Wood, a pediatrician at Chapel Hill University of North Carolina, studied 298 babies. 

Babies aged from 2 months to 6 months only drink formula milk, not breast milk. According to the results of comparative analysis, almost half of parents breast-fed their children in large bottles with milk powder capacity exceeding 168 grams. The weight of the children increased by 2. 7 kg, but at the age of 6 months, infants fed in large bottles gained 196 grams more weight, overweight or thin.

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Dr. Wood suggested that large bottles were more likely to induce infants to eat moderately. Even if the baby has shown a "full" signal, parents will continue to let the baby drink all the milk in the bottle. Experts suggest that parents should pay special attention to some body signals taken back by infants when they are hungry and full. "Hunger signal" includes opening mouth, smacking mouth, eating hand, staring at the bottle, etc. "Satiety signal" includes pushing open the bottle, hitting the bottle, nodding, concentrating, looking around and dozing.

Cleaning baby bottles seems to be a simple and relatively straightforward task. But for many parents, they don't know what the first step is to clean the bottle. Cleaning baby bottles is no easier than cleaning other tableware. Because the baby's immune system is not well developed, the baby is very sensitive to some bacteria, which are extremely easy to ignore in the eyes of adults.

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