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What impact does the quality supervision have on Silicone Baby products?

Publish Date: 2018-11-28 Click: 283
What impact does the quality supervision have on Silicone Baby products?

Impact the quality supervision have on Silicone Baby products?Infant industry is a market system with infant consumption (commodities and services) as the main body. The physiological and psychological particularity of infant group decides that there are significant differences between infant consumption and adult consumption. The consumption characteristics and content of infants at different age stages are quite different: infants aged 0-3 years consume milk powder and supplementary food most frequently, followed by daily necessities represented by diapers and washing and nursing products.  In terms of durable goods, baby bed/car and safety seat have become the rigid demand of this age group.

silicone baby products

Preschool children aged 4-6 years: At this stage, children begin to form consumption awareness gradually. They are good at simulating adult theoretical activities. Parents also think about children's hobbies and feelings when purchasing goods. Children's clothing/shoes and toys have become the main consumer goods of preschool children.

Children aged 7-14 still depend on their parents for consumption at this stage, but their minds and preferences used to constitute independent concepts and brand awareness, which could directly affect their parents'decisions. Among them, 7-11-year-old families have greater influence, and 11-14-year-old peer influence is gradually increasing. At this stage, consumption has become more diversified and balanced. Children's wear/shoes and silicone baby products toys are still important categories in consumer goods. At the same time, the proportion of education, entertainment and other consumption has gradually increased.