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Does USSE multi-use silicone dishwashing gloves work well? What are their functions?

Publish Date: 2018-11-29 Click: 298
Does USSE multi-use silicone dishwashing gloves work well? What are their functions?

It's difficult to do housework. It's more difficult to do housework every day. Buying vegetables, cooking, mopping the floor, washing clothes, and the most annoying thing is to wash dishes and dishes every day. When it comes to dishwash, many people can use an old towel as a dishcloth, wipe the cutting board and wipe the kitchen table. How dirty it is! Ordinary dishcloth, dishwasher, not only used for a long time, not only unclean, but also wet, easy to mildew and stink, such dishcloth how dirty do you really know? Super-cool multi-use silicone dishwashing gloves, practical grounding gas, really want to see! Friends who have done the cleaning must be able to experience the heavy feeling of washing the stove with gloves and rags, and wear these silica gel dishwashing gloves, which can make you ten times more sharp in an instant. 

The inside of the glove is made of raised silica gel from the palm to the finger. If you squeeze a little detergent and rub it, you can start to wash the dishes. The dishcloth is saved. Without the dishcloth and sponge, you will find that dishwashing is super-energetic and speeds up unconsciously. Of course, in addition to dishwash, this silica gel glove can also wash the stove, bathroom washstand, floor tiles, wall tiles... It is said to be very durable. A few days of cloth, the total number of bacteria can reach up to 500 billion, of which Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli are weak killers of gastrointestinal diseases. If the cloth is too dirty, we do not wash dishes, but always pour bacteria into them. 

multi-use silicone dishwashing gloves

What's the use of USSE multi-functional silica gel dishwash and brush gloves? Is it easy to use?  Strong decontamination ability, non-dirty oil, non-damp, fast drying.  Not absorbing water can brush pots and dishes, not breeding bacteria. Do not hide dirt, do not ironing hands can be used as heat insulation mat. Food-grade silica gel material, can be in contact with food, colorless and tasteless (baby nipples are also made of this material) absolute safety concerns. 

Clean pots, bowls, ladles and basins with a clean brush. Eat happily, wash dishes is the most annoying, it is said that every couple will quarrel about who washes dishes every day. After all, oil stain is something that nobody wants to touch. Oil stain is not only difficult to clean, clean dishcloth beforehand after wiping oil stain, but also make hands full of oil stain, dirty and injured hands. Multi-use silicone dishwashing gloves can be easily solved. Oil pollution problem. Compared with the traditional cotton dishcloth cleaning power is better, for the kitchen of heavy oil stains more effective and rapid cleaning, not only can solve the difficult to remove greasy stains, but also let people farewell to greasy hands, the use of environmental protection materials, do not cause secondary pollution of dishes and chopsticks.

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