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Where can I find four sets of silicone folding lunch boxes? Non-toxic, healthy, safe and reassuring!

Publish Date: 2018-11-29 Click: 297
Where can I find four sets of silicone folding lunch boxes? Non-toxic, healthy, safe and reassuring!

In our daily life, we often see silica gel products, like mobile phone shells, drainage shelves, kitchen utensils and tableware, etc. Silicone gel lunch boxes have gradually entered the public life. Where to find non-toxic, healthy, safe and assured four sets of silicone folding lunch boxes? I suggest you choose USSE brand! To be sure, products conforming to the relevant national standards must be non-toxic unless the manufacturer uses non-conforming compounds in the consumption process leading to safety problems.

USSE Four-piece Silicone Folding lunch box is not poisonous, so what are its advantages and disadvantages?

a. Silicone lunch box is moulded with food-grade silica gel material. It is non-toxic, odorless, safe and environmentally friendly.

b. Silica gel lunch box can be folded, kneaded and turned over. It does not occupy space or absorb oil pollution. It has the function of desiccant, so it will not be mildewed because of temporary storage.

c. Silica gel lunch box and food temperature match well. Whether the food is hot or cold, the silica gel lunch box can protect the temperature of the food, increase the loss of temperature, the food placed in the silica gel container can maintain the original temperature after a period of time, and will not pass the temperature to the applicant, not easy to burn hands.

d. Compared with ceramics, the greatest characteristic of silica gel lunch box is that it can resist falling and will not make any noise when it falls on the ground. Ceramic lunch boxes commonly used in China are good at everything, which is fragile. Plastic lunch boxes can stand falling, but the hardness of plastic is high. After falling, there may be cracks and cracks. Silicone lunch boxes can fall casually without fear of damage.

e, good heat resistance. Silica gel has good temperature resistance. It can not deform or evolve at 240 degrees Celsius and harden at -40 degrees Celsius, so you can use it for steaming, boiling, baking, etc.

f. Silicone lunch boxes are washed casually. Because silica gel is oil-free and does not absorb oil pollution, it is easy to clean.

silicone folding lunch boxes

Chinese people are accustomed to porcelain lunch boxes and think that the texture of silica gel lunch boxes is not good. Most importantly, although the heat resistance of silica gel lunch boxes is high, it can only meet the requirements of making western food. For Chinese food, its heat resistance is still lower than the requirements of Chinese food. For example, the high temperature of stir-frying often makes the silica gel lunch boxes look fresh. 。 Generally speaking, the silica gel lunch box is not suitable for the traditional Chinese food environment, but if you often cook Western food or eat cold food, the advantages of silica gel such as safety, environmental protection, foldability are still conspicuous. It should be said that compared with other materials, silica gel materials are more safe and worthy of promotion and application.

Silicone lunch box is also a very commonly used one, the appearance looks very beautiful, the quality is also good, easy to carry, but many people do not understand the silicone lunch box, because some people are silicone material, will think that the silicone lunch box is very harmful to the body, so is the silicone lunch box toxic? Silicone lunch boxes are non-toxic and can be used for fear. Silicone folding lunch box is a very strange thing for us Chinese people. Food-grade solid silica gel has been proved to be a very healthy and safe material. In Europe and the United States, stainless steel cake pans are increasingly being replaced by silicone rubber pans, and when they roast meat, they no longer use brushes, instead of silicone brushes. They use silicone butter scrapers and spatulas, they use silicone film to keep food fresh, and even the steamers are made of silicone rubber. What you don't know, however, is that all the silicone products they use in food contact are Made in China, and some factories with solemn consumptive processes have won these foreign silicone orders.

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