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Why do you choose silicone dishwasher gloves? What are their functions?

Publish Date: 2018-11-30 Click: 339
Why do you choose silicone dishwasher gloves? What are their functions?

Housework is basically what girls do every day. A pair of white and tender hands become as rough as bark with the years of housework. Who can see that? Previous conditions were not allowed and there was no good idea to solve this problem thoroughly, but now it is quite different. Nowadays, with the rapid development of high-tech, the times are changing. Various things that provide convenience for life have been invented. Housework has already been done with washing machines, dishwashers and other very convenient equipment, but there are still some things to do personally. So I recommend USSE Silicone dishwasher gloves, which can protect the hands of female friends.

When washing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen, they often feel more comfortable with their own hands, but the grease in the kitchen is very heavy, often found that the kitchen is clean and tidy, but their hands are always with a smell of lampblack, how can not wash off, a long time has been shadowed. After soaking in oil and water for a period of time, the skin naturally becomes worse and worse. But wearing silica gel dishwasher gloves to do cleaning is not the same. It protects our hands from direct contact with water and oil, and does not affect flexibility. While cleaning the kitchen, it also protects our hands. This is a good helper for a woman friend who loves beauty and cleanliness. It is very trustworthy.

silicone dishwasher gloves

I didn't expect it! Nowadays, there are three kinds of dishwasher gloves on the market, the first is natural latex + PVC, the second is rubber, and the third is silicone material. The first is because adding PVC, PVC is not an environmentally friendly and safe material, especially when washing dishes, hot water will be used. When heated, PVC will emit harmful substances. These residues in tableware will cause danger to human body, so it is not recommended to operate in high temperature environment. The second kind of synthetic rubber has heat resistance and good skid resistance, but the material is not very soft, and its durability is general. It will be damaged when it is used. We should pay attention to the hot soup on the end plate. The third kind of dishwasher gloves made of silica gel is the best. The gloves used by doctors for surgery are also made of silica gel material. They are safe and harmless, resistant to high and low temperatures, excellent quality, and affordable. People who have used them say good!

In fact, besides the material of dishwasher gloves, whether they are skid-proof or not is another key point to be concerned about. When choosing dishwasher gloves, it depends on whether they have anti-slip designs on the fingers and palms. If they have particle designs in these places, the anti-slip performance is very good, even if they are held in water, they will not slip. In addition, the choice of silicone dishwasher gloves used in winter should also take into account the warmth retention performance. It is best to choose a style designed to add wool and cotton, which can keep warm and cold, and wash dishes in winter will not suffer, and will not cause stiff fingers after dishwashing.

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