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Can USSE Silicone Gloves Insulate Heat? What are the consequences of long-term wear?

Publish Date: 2018-12-05 Click: 348
Can USSE Silicone Gloves Insulate Heat? What are the consequences of long-term wear?

The function of applicability of daily necessities is always questioned by consumers. Just as USSE insulated silicone gloves are more common in the market nowadays, although this product has already been sold well in the market, the partners who have not yet purchased it are not always so sure that "insulation or non-insulation, heat-resistant and non-heat-resistant" has become a lot of demand movers. What is the function of this silica gel product?

Individual ordinary silica gel products have certain thermal insulation consequences, because the vulcanization temperature of the processing platform consumed by the manufacturer of silicone rubber products has reached about 190 degrees, so there will be no problems within the usual boiling water and 280 degrees. Normally, baking food, touching boiling water, low temperature cleaning articles and so on will not occur. There will be product problems, so there are no thermal insulation consequences that can not be dealt with by silica gel gloves! If so, special information.

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As products requiring special properties have the consequences of using different raw materials to achieve performance, such as high tension, high resilience, high transparency, high density and low temperature resistance. Different properties correspond to different materials, such as silica gel insulating gloves, which need higher temperature resistance. It is suggested that the distribution of room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, hydroxyl silicone oil, fumed silica, iron oxide and alkali-free superfine glass wool can be used. The low temperature resistance will be promoted by more than 30% than that of ordinary rubber. Detailed results need to be tested.

Long-term wear of silicone gloves will not affect, because the silicone product itself is non-toxic. Nowadays, there are many kinds of silica gel products, such as intelligent pedometer, intelligent wearing equipment, Bluetooth function, and the function of detecting sleep quality. You can even roll over several times in the evening. In addition, the addition of good mosquito repellent essence outside the silica gel has mosquito repellent effect and refreshing effect.

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