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When is it suitable for babies to start using silicone teether?

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When is it suitable for babies to start using silicone teether?

When is it suitable for babies to start using silicone teether?

Silica teether, commonly said, is used to meet the baby's itching needs, through sucking and biting gum, to promote the baby's mouth and hand coordination. The use of USSE silicone teether can avoid the baby biting themselves in the teeth, but also to avoid the baby biting hand hygiene and infection of bacteria, the benefits are still many, so the use of gum for the baby is actually quite good. How long does gum last? When is it appropriate for babies to start using it?

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Because the growth of the baby's teeth is different in different stages, it is suggested that mothers choose gum according to the baby's dental status and age stage to help the baby get through the dental period healthily and happily.

Baby teeth are the first "challenge" in his life. Mothers must be careful and patient to accompany his growth, so silica gel gum must be used according to baby's needs. Generally, babies begin to grow teeth in 4 months. The basic function of baby gum is to alleviate the discomfort of babies'growing teeth. Babies can use it when they reach the germination stage. Mothers should also choose different gums according to their baby's dental status and age.

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Dental glue has been used for three months, six months and eight months. Because babies at different stages have different needs for gum. Sometimes it itches, sometimes it hurts, sometimes it has long front teeth, sometimes it has long canines, sometimes it has posterior teeth. The silicone teether chosen for babies should be of moderate hardness. Too hard can injure gums, too soft to play the role of molars. Next is the design science, the length is suitable, convenient for the baby to grasp.

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