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USSE infant silicone teether, BPA free and care for baby oral health!

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USSE infant silicone teether, BPA free and care for baby oral health!

Clean oral and massage gingival, soft material does not contain toxic substances, alleviate baby teeth not promote the eruption of deciduous teeth for baby oral design, EU lfgb standard is easy to grasp. New design, infant silicone teether, originated from European Union standards, the designer specializes in oral design for babies over 4 months, the silica gel soft does not contain BPA and other harmful substances. Hand design is convenient for baby to practice grasping, surface design, help to clean baby's tongue, gums and teeth, care for baby's oral health.

Mothers should choose suitable gum according to different abilities of their babies to meet their needs at different stages of swallowing, sucking, biting and chewing. Infant silica gel toothpaste can massage baby's gums, correct orthodontic teeth, break the bad habit of eating hands, help baby's eyes and hands coordinate, and also help baby's intellectual development. It can not only alleviate dental discomfort, but also make baby get psychological satisfaction and play a role in pacifying baby's mood. The maxillary lateral incisors of 10-16 months old babies erupt and begin to adapt to solid food. Their lips and tongues can move freely and learn to chew.

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The order of baby teeth:

1. Central incisor: mandible for 6 months; maxillary for 7.5 months

2. Lateral incisors: mandible 7 months; maxillary 9 months

3. The baby sends out deciduous teeth: 12 months in the mandible and 14 months in the maxilla.

4. canine teeth: mandibular for 6 months; maxillary for 18 months

5. deciduous molars: mandible 20 February; maxillary 2 years old.

Some children will have individual teeth erupted in reverse order, but does not affect the order of teeth. 1-2 years old is the stage of baby's growing deciduous molars. The chewing power is increased and the food with chewing head is preferred. In this stage, the use of silica gel to soothe the teeth can touch the baby's deciduous molars, massage the deciduous molars, and relieve the swelling and pain when teeth appear. 

USSE silicone teether brand manufacturers recommend that mothers buy more than two gums for their babies to use in turn. When one is in use, some can be placed in the refrigerator for cooling reserve. Do not put them in the freezing layer. Check for damage before and after each use of gum. If any damage is found, they should be replaced in time. It is recommended that the gum be put in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. When you run out of gum, remember to clean and disinfect it, and then put it in a clean and airtight container for reserve.

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